06 August 2016

My July At A Glance

In A Nutshell:
July sped by! The first half was spent working, feeling pretty crap and then getting excited for my upcoming holiday; my little sister got married, too! We did spend a lovely day in the abandoned village of Tyneham and at Lulworth beach in the sun. The second half of the month was mainly spent in Scotland, on holiday with my family. We had a great time and I'll be sharing the highlights with you soon! Unfortunately it had to come to an end and I had to go back to work, boo!
Cinema Trips:
The Secret Life Of Pets - This was a really fun family film! Sweet story and lots of funny bits! ★★★

Films Watched:
The Hallow - A conservationist moves his small family to a remote location in Ireland, but they're trespassing upon ancient creatures in the woods. They have to fight for their survival! ★★★
Attack The Block - When an alien invasion strikes, a young South London gang protect their block. This film is surprisingly good and really funny! ★★★
The Visit - Wow, this was awesome! Old people are scary. Two teens go to meet and stay with their grandparents for the first time, but they definitely get more than they bargained for when things start to get strange... ☆★★★★
Room - This was a really intense and moving story. The characters were portrayed excellently and it was really emotional at times. Imagine living in one room from the day you were born and then finding yourself out in the big, unknown world. A truly excellent watch. ★★★★★
The Witch - This wasn't exactly what I expected from this film, but it was really good nonetheless. A devout Christian family in 1630's New England sets up home on the edge of the woods, but when their crops fail and strange things happen, they realise there is evil in the woods. ☆☆★★★

Books Read:
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - It was rather sad coming to the end of the series again, but I really love the last installment of the story! Everything comes to a head and revelations come to light. Lots of emotions are felt in this story and it's an excellent ending to a wonderful series. ★★★★

How was your July?
Emma xxx


  1. Ah nice to hear how your July was in a nutshell. Sounds like it was a busy one for you, it seems to have flown by I agree. Congrats on completing the Harry Potter series, hopefully a new book will interest you now you have come to the end. I want to get back into reading, and get more into a groove with it again. Hope you are having a nice weekend! I’ve been doing a bit of gardening with the nice weather but it’s been very windy here today. :-) xxx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Thanks, Helen. :) I've actually got a few new books coming my way, so looking forward to reading those! I hope you get into your reading again, too. We had a lovely weekend in Devon, which I'll be blogging about soon. Hope you're having a good week so far! xxx


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