17 July 2016

My Week In Pictures

On Monday, we went into Yeovil to pick up a few bits. We sat down in Greggs for lunch, which was really nice. I was in a weird, emotional mood again that day! We had our friend round in the evening, had snacks, including a cream cake selection, and watched The Hallow. We had some new soft drinks to try, including this John Crabbie & Co.'s Scottish Raspberry with a twist of ginger drink, which was so good!

I had work training from 10-1pm, then did some housework when I got back. I had lunch, then watched The Killing while I did some ironing. I enjoyed a vanilla slice in the afternoon! I had a chilled evening bath and then we watched the last episode of Gotham with our dinner.

On Wednesday, I spent some time sorting out the beauty products which will be coming on holiday with me. I tried to go with the minimal and essential theme, but it still looks like too much! I made some lovely halloumi and Quorn chicken wraps with red onion and pesto hummus for lunch. I also made cherry and coconut cupcakes, which were lovely. Three of us went for a brief walk after Dean finished work and it was nice to get some fresh air. We had Dean's parents round for dinner and we watched Attack The Block. I finally put up our new solar-powered LED lights!


Oh dear; on Thursday I woke up feeling really poorly again! I stayed in bed till 10am and started the day with Matcha green tea and a raspberry leaf tea with honey. I had a small bowl of granola and watched the latest episode of Agatha Raisin. I made some carrot, onion, garlic and ginger soup for a late lunch to boost my immune system and it tasted delicious! I went back to bed in the afternoon and got up again at about 9:30pm and then I had to go into work at 11pm.

What did you get up to this week?
Emma xxx


  1. Beautiful concept & images!!! Those coconut cupcakes look yummy :)

  2. I could totally go for a cream cake after seeing this post! x

    1. Hope you treated yourself to one! xxx

  3. Hi Em! :-) Thought I would stop by your blog and catch up with you, great post as always. I’ve never been in Gregg’s café, but their cream cakes are amazing! The raspberry drink you tried sounds really unusual, I love that kind of thing personally. I like all your beauty products for your holls, and everything looks so aesthetically pleasing. Those homemade cupcakes look really yummy, and very well photographed as are all your foodie photos. Hope you had a lovely holiday, I saw a few snippets on your Instagram. Looking forward to hearing about your time away, and wishing you had a peaceful and enjoyable time. Speak soon! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment, Helen. :) I had a lovely holiday and hope to catch up with blogging soon. I really enjoyed our Greggs lunch and would definitely recommend trying them. Hope you have a great weekend! xxx


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