02 July 2016

My Week In Pictures

We left for Yeovil around 11am and had a look round the shops in town, stopping by TK Maxx, Waterstones and Tesco for a grocery shop. I picked up some great finds in TK Maxx! I'd never seen this size of bottle by Faith In Nature, and at just £6.99 I had to pick the coconut shampoo up. I can't wait to try these lovely aromatherapy roller balls by Tisserand either. I picked up a new fruit bowl, a cafetière and a glass container for the kitchen. We had lunch in the M&S café for a change; it was rather expensive! I wasn't over impressed by it, but I did enjoy the chocolate brownie. When we got home, I spent ages putting the shopping away and snapping photos of my new purchases for the blog. The new kettle and toaster arrived while we were out; they are glossy white with silver accents and I've had my eye on them for ages! They finally got reduced in price again, so I purchased them on Amazon. I'm hoping to slowly re-style the kitchen, although we are quite limited with it being a rented property. Our friend came round in the evening and we watched Monster Hunter before settling down to watch the season finale of Game of Thrones; it was such a brilliant episode! How are we ever going to survive without it in our lives till next year?! Dean and I then stayed up late to finish the latest season of Orange Is The New Black!

I was up pretty early, considering we didn't go to sleep till about 1:30am. I felt a bit rubbish, as I'd indulged in too many sweet treats the evening before. I was happy to see sunshine and blue skies! After a little breakfast, I spent some time replying to emails and watching YouTube videos before taking a quick shower. I was hoping to go for a nice walk, but no-one was available/willing to accompany me and I really don't like going alone - I need a dog! I can't wait till we live in a property where we are allowed a pet. So, Dean and I watched an episode of 11.22.63 before Dean went off to work at 1pm. I had the last of my homemade soup for lunch and watched some Pretty Little Liars.
I also enjoyed a slice of homemade cake and some coffee. I began season two of The Killing and edited some photos. Dean and I watched Gotham and 11.22.63 in the evening and had a stir-fry for dinner. We also watched film, Air, which I really couldn't get into or understand...

I woke up to a wet and windy Wednesday morning. But for some profound reason, I felt myself rather overwhelmed with emotion and I felt compelled to note down how I felt in this blog post. I started my day off with vegan yoghurt, fresh strawberries and banana. I indulged in a rose petal bath and a face mask. I sorted out laundry and rescued two little spiders. I doused myself in zingy, lemony body oil (a really old sample by FoM London) and applied the sample of Acorelle's cherry EDT, which smells gorgeous and is now on my wish list!
I watched Eastenders and had pesto pasta with cheese for lunch. I also had a couple of squares of salted caramel chocolate. I went for a walk with Dean and a friend late afternoon, which was just what I needed! So good to get out in the fresh air. I think we walked 3 or 4 miles and it stayed dry for most of it! We had pizza for dinner and I watched an episode of Agatha Raisin. I had a hot chocolate with vegan marshmallows and we started to watch a film, but both of us started to fall asleep, so we went to bed instead.

I had a very last minute meeting to attend at work at 11am and I got home just before midday. I sorted some laundry and did the washing-up, then had a cheese toastie for lunch. I then had a blueberry muffin and a coffee, while watching the latest episode of Most Haunted. I watched more of The Killing and made some chocolate chip banana cookies. I had a veggie bean burger and wedges with sour cream and chive dip for dinner. We watched [REC] Apocalypse in the evening.

I received some new make-up items in the morning and tried them out - I really loved them and I'll share more about them soon. I spent most of the day catching up with ironing and housework. I completely rearranged and cleaned the kitchen, placing some new purchases in there. I removed some lesser used appliances to store until required and the kitchen looks much clearer and spacious now. We went over to Dean's parents' for a Chinese takeaway, celebrating their friend's 50th birthday. I watched The Killing when we got back and before I knew it, it was time to get ready for work.

I hope you had a good week!
Emma xxx


  1. My parent's have that kettle and toaster and I love it- I keep thinking I ought to save up and get one for the flat! xx

    1. Yes, I waited patiently until they were reduced in price! Well worth the wait as they look great. I love the style and design - basic white appliances have come a long way! xxx

  2. Sounds like a positive and productive week for you! You did well with the kitchen organising, everything looks neat and tidy. Those cupcake canvas are lovely as well. The beauty products you bought look interesting and those homemade chocolate chip banana cookies are making me seriously hungry! Great post and speak soon! :-) xxx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Yes, the kitchen definitely looks better! I was really impressed with TK Maxx's offerings on our last visit - looking forward to experimenting with the aromatherapy products. Hope you're enjoying your weekend and speak soon. xxx


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