04 July 2016

My June At A Glance

In A Nutshell:
Well, June certainly flew by, didn't it? Wow, half way through 2016 already. June was a pretty good month, despite all the rainy days! Did you notice I updated my blog design? It's a simple, minimal gold and silver design. I enjoyed a couple of cinema trips this month and had to endure some car repairs, but thankfully they didn't cost too much! I've been enjoying trying and buying lots of new beauty products and have also purchased a few new homeware pieces for the kitchen. You can check out the mini make-over here. Dean finally started driving lessons in June and seems to be doing well. Hopefully he won't take too long to learn and pass his test. My blog is slowly recovering from my last holiday earlier in the year when I took a blog break and my statistics took a hit. I hope I can schedule a few posts per week while I'm away later this month. My most popular post in June was Pretty In Pink: Summer Essentials. I was also featured, along with a bunch of other awesome green beauty bloggers, in Sabai Soaps' recent blog post asking us what our three must have beauty products were! Don't forget to catch up on my YouTube videos over on my channel.

Cinema Trips:
X-Men: Apocalypse - I enjoyed this a lot more than I had anticipated! I love Quicksilver!  I wasn't sure about the whole set in the 80's plot, but it was fun and I liked the story. ☆★★★★
The Conjuring 2 - I did enjoy this film, but having watched the TV series on the Enfield haunting recently, I found myself comparing the two. They did seem to rely on quite a few jump-scares this time around, but it's a really interesting story and if you like a good horror film, definitely check it out. ☆☆★★★

Films Watched:
Fantastic Four - This is the re-boot film of this franchise and it's pretty good! Four young outsiders travel to an alternate universe where they end up gaining a variety of superpowers - but not all superpowers are a good thing and what if people want to use their powers for their own benefit? ☆★★★
Pan - So, this is basically the origins story of Peter Pan and how he came to be in Neverland. The style of the film is whimisical and purposely over the top and I quite enjoyed it. ☆☆★★★
Absolutely Anything - I really enjoy the concept of this film, where a random guy gets selected by aliens to be given the power to do absolutely anything. Will he use his power wisely? This is a really funny film! ☆★★★★
Shark In Venice - This is one of those so-bad-it's-good kind of films where you spend most of the duration laughing at how bad it is! A shark is loose in the canals of Venice and there is treasure to be found! ☆★★
Swamp Shark - This wasn't actually a terrible film, but it did have some funny bits in it and, obviously, a shark! ☆★★
The Green Inferno - Thinking they are going to be preventing the destruction of the Amazon rainforest, a group of activist college students travel to the Peruvian jungle only to be met by some rather hungry and sadistic canibalistic tribespeople! ☆★★★
Little Women - This is one of my favourite classic films! Adapted from the novel, this story is set in post-Civil war America and times are tough. The March family is kind and loving, but they endure their share of heartache. The story follows each of the sisters and their journey to following their dreams and desires. It's a really heartfelt story. ☆★★★★
The Lady In The Van - This comedy-drama tells the true story of Mary Shepard, a rather eccentric homeless woman who ends up parking her old van in Alan Bennett's driveway. We discover snippets of Mary's past and why she came to be in this situation and an unusual friendship is formed between her and Alan. ☆★★★
In The Heart Of The Sea - This tells the tale of Moby Dick. It is the harrowing story of how the crewmen of The Essex ship endured an unbelievable battle of survival after a mammoth whale destroys their ship and continues to harass them. It's an excellent film and I love how the story is told. ☆★★★★
Monster Hunter (Dark Was The Night) - Sheriff Paul Shields is set the task of hunting down a monster that arrives in their small town after a logging company sets up shop nearby and drives the monster out of its home. Isolated in the midst of winter, how will the sheriff protect his family and townspeople against this evil? ☆☆☆★★

Books Read:
The House We Grew Up In - This story was really intriguing and shows just how complicated a seemingly normal family can be. The story flits between being told in the past and future, but is quite easy to follow. ★★★
Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince - I enjoyed this book in the series a lot more than I remembered! Everything is building up to an unspeakable moment and Voldemort's uprising. Life will never be the same for Harry and his friends. ☆★★★★

New Music Loves:
"No Money" by Galantis
"Heathens" by Twenty One Pilots

How was your June?
Emma xxx


  1. Lovely to hear how your June has been Emma! June has been quite busy for me with going on holiday, so I’m in the same boat with keeping up with my blog. I think taking a blog break can be a good thing, although I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things in July. I hope you do well with your blog too in the coming months, I enjoyed your Pretty In Pink post alongside your other posts. Congrats on being featured on Sabai Soaps, that’s really lovely! That Hurraw! lip balm on your Instagram photo is a lovely shade. You have seen so many films this month, and in particular ‘Absolutely Anything’ and ‘In The Heart Of The Sea’ sound like something I might enjoy. ‘The House We Grew Up In’ sounds intriguing to me especially as its told from the past and future. I’ve been a bit of a book worm this past month or so, I’m currently reading a Sarra Manning novel. Best wishes for July, its my birthday on the 14th so I’m looking forward to that. Speak soon! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you, Helen! I really love that Hurraw! tinted lip balm - such an easy option. Yes, we did manage to watch quite a few films in June! I think you'd like both of the ones you mentioned. And I think you'd enjoy the book as well. I hope you have a lovely birthday and I'm definitely looking forward to my holiday by the sea! :) xxx

  2. Love this post Em. I love how you've included films/books etc. I massively loved XMen Apocolypse too, it was such a good film! We had a complete XMen binge recently and that was the final film on the list. I also took a small blogging break recently so am in the exact same boat as you. I just wasn't feeeling motivated to blog for some reason, but after a few weeks off & a holiday, I'm so ready to go again! :-) Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

    1. Thanks, Claire, glad you enjoyed this post! I've been rather poorly recently, so I'm trying my best to put together some posts for while I'm on holiday! xxx


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