29 June 2016


I feel compelled to note down my feelings today...
It's windy and raining, grey and cold, yet I am filled with happiness. The rain is cleansing the Earth and my soul; it's washing away all negative feeling and revealing hope and happiness. I am overwhelmed with emotion and find myself feeling so utterly thankful for everything I have in my life. I feel extremely lucky to have such a loving and caring family; I feel so thankful that my Mum, my sisters and I all found love and happiness so young in life; I am forever grateful for the beautiful soulmate that walks beside me in good times and in bad.

Some days I feel so negative, but it only takes one tiny act of kindness or love to completely overshadow that negativity. I feel like I am waking up today; waking up to the simple facts of my life - that I am loved, cherished and wanted in this world and that is all that truly matters.

So, when you feel sad or lonely, just remember that there are always people out there who love you and need you - you might not have even met them yet. Embrace every single positive moment in your life and fill the world with happiness.

Thank you.
Emma xxx


  1. Hello!
    Great and optimistic message.
    I see your blog in wild world organic blog.

    1. Hi, thanks for stopping by! :) xxx


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