27 June 2016

My Weekend In Pictures

I was at work Thursday night, so I saw the EU Referendum result unravel before my eyes... I was extremely surprised at the result and really quite disappointed - more so in those who did not bother to vote. I voted for peace and unity. But, alas, it is done now and we just have to work together harder than ever and stay positive to make sure our future is a bright one!
After a good sleep, I got up, watched some Coronation Street and had a quick shower. I tried on my lovely new scarf from blogging friend, Liz's boutique, Lizzy O. It's a neutral shade with pineapples printed all over it! So summery and fun. I enjoyed cheese pizza with added red onion for dinner and we watched a few episodes of Orange Is The New Black. I read my book before falling asleep.

I awoke to a bright morning at 8:30am and enjoyed some homemade granola with rice milk for breakfast. I must share the recipe, it's so easy to make! I had an indulgent shower and morning skincare routine with some new products I had recently acquired. I caught up on all the housework, had a late lunch and caught up with Coronation Street.
I made macaroni cheese for dinner and we had Dean's parents round. It tasted divine, if I do say so myself - it's one of my favourite meals! We had tiramisu for dessert and watched In The Heart Of The Ocean. I read for a while, then watched the first new episode of Most Haunted before bed.

I was up semi-early and waved Dean off to the car boot sale in Yeovil, where he and his Trailwalker buddies were selling items to raise more money towards charity. I took the morning slowly and worked on blog posts, took photos, had a quick shower and did washing-up and laundry. I watched some Eastenders and made egg mayo sandwiches for lunch. I kept reaching for The Rose Tree's Intensive Balm throughout the day for my irritated, dry hands - it smells incredible!
During the afternoon, I deep-cleaned the washing machine and then I made lightly spiced carrot and sweet potato soup - it smelled so good while cooking! I sat down and watched an episode of The Hotel Inspector. I later made an apple and walnut sponge cake and watched a few episodes of The Killing while enjoying my homemade soup for dinner. I, of course, enjoyed a slice of cake, too! I ended up finishing the first season of The Killing and then went to bed to finish the sixth Harry Potter book.

What did you get up to this weekend?
Emma xxx


  1. Miam! I am Hungry suddenly lol.
    Beautiful plant. It's a anthurium. In Reunion Island, it find her in their garden.
    In The Heart Of The Ocean is good?

    Good day!

    1. Hehe! Yes, I really enjoyed In The Heart Of The Ocean. xxx


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