13 June 2016

My Weekend In Pictures

I worked an extra night duty, so I was more than happy to be finishing my 60 hour, 8 night stint on Saturday morning! I had some light housework and laundry to attend to and I ate breakfast whilst catching up on Eastenders. I didn't go to bed, so I was craving sweet things and snacky foods all day. Cue breadsticks with reduced fat sour cream & chive dip for lunch! Plus two homemade, vegan chocolate muffins from the freezer stash. And a dose of American Horror Story: Freak Show.
Outfit Details:
People Tree Heart Stripe Coral Tee
H&M Abstract Leopard Print Trousers

I caught up on some blog-reading and YouTube-watching, then took some photos for an upcoming post. The in-laws were coming for dinner, so I had a joint of beef slow-cooking for the carnivores, while I was looking forward to a meatless roast (my favourite vegetarian meal, because I can have ALL the roast potatoes!). We watched Absolutely Anything and had ice-cream for dessert. We also booked a two night stay in Devon in August with our friends! I went to bed at 9:45pm (by this point, I'd been awake for over 30 hours), didn't feel that tired - until I tried to read my book, then fell straight to sleep!

I got up around 9:30am and had muesli with rice milk for breakfast. I also made a smoothie with banana, strawberries, Mighty Matcha green tea powder*, rice milk and coconut & peanut butter. I had some washing-up to do and then finally got in the shower, as Dean took his time! We were meant to be going for a walk near Shaftesbury with Dean's Trailwalker buddies, but the weather turned stormy on the drive there, causing a horrific downpour and flooding on the roads. We popped into Tesco, who had to close their main entrance as it was flooded! We picked up some snacks and headed back to our friend's house and watched TV, deciding against the walk!
We headed back home for 6pm and had some more friends join us for a Chinese takeaway and a "shit shark night" movie night, where we try to find the worst shark-themed movies to watch and laugh at! We watched Shark In Venice and Swamp Shark - both were suitably crap, but funny.

How was your weekend?
Emma xxx

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