18 June 2016

My Week In Pictures

I started my day with a yummy Starbucks chilled coffee and muesli. We went to Yeovil late morning and popped in Tesco, Waterstones, TK Maxx and McDonald's for lunch. We also picked up a salad each from Morrisons' salad bar for a light dinner.
In Waterstones, I purchased Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling (complete with the new cover design), as we didn't have it in our collection. The cover art is so pretty. Dean warned me that if I bought this one, I'd want all the others with the new covers, too... I also pre-ordered parts I & II of The Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling, at half price! Although, I didn't realise it's the script book for the play, so I'm not sure if I'll enjoy the format. I picked up a couple of items in TK Maxx, too.
When we got home, I enjoyed a coffee and a Krispy Kreme lemon cheesecake doughnut. I started watching new British drama, Love, Nina. I finally cleared my BlogLovin' feed, woo-hoo! We had our salad bowls and a flatbread each for dinner and watched The Green Inferno, followed by an episode of American Dad. We also watched the first episode of new show, Outcast.

I had a slow start on Tuesday, as I didn't feel great. I had a late shower after breakfast and then we watched an episode of 11.22.63. Dean went off to work at 1pm and I watched the fourth episode of Love, Nina. I had a crisp sandwich for lunch, as I really fancied it! And a free-from strawberry ice-cream cone, because why not?! I watched more American Horror Story: Freak Show and worked on blog posts. I did some ironing while watching an old favourite, Little Women.
I received our Tesco grocery order at 4:30pm and once I'd finished putting that away, I enjoyed some strawberries and a cappuccino. I kept Weleda's Skin Food close by throughout the day, as my hands were particularly dry and irritated. I was busy working on blog posts until around 6pm, when the skies were threatening a storm! We had a few rumbles of thunder and a shower, but nothing spectacular. After dinner, I watched a couple of YouTube videos.
I had a lingering headache that wouldn't go away, so I sought out my tin of Badger's Sleep Balm and applied it to my temples and wrists. I also had a lavender candle burning, so this helped relax me a little. Dean watched Macbeth, but I couldn't concentrate on it, so went to bed and finished my book!

I still had a bad head when I woke up, which was disappointing. I decided I'd try and be really healthy throughout the day! I received my latest Naturisimo order, which cheered me up a little. I watched Coronation Street before going for a shower. I took some blog photos, had a midday snack of fresh peaches with vegan vanilla yoghurt and watched another episode of Coronation Street. I did some browsing of the conscious range on H&M to see if there were any items I needed for my summer wardrobe.
I had an organic egg mayo sandwich for lunch, plus a matcha green tea latte, sweetened with organic honey. I watched the second episode of Agatha Raisin and then prepared to film a haul video. After filming, housework and laundry kept me busy for a while and then I edited my video and had a quick catch-up on BlogLovin'. I had stuffed (with stuffing...) peppers for dinner, which weren't all that nice, and then we went to meet our friends to go to the cinema. I was going to drive us, but my car went CRUNCH and now I have the troublesome task of getting it to a garage somehow and wondering how much it's going to cost to fix it...
We went to see The Conjuring 2, which showcases the Enfield haunting. It was really good, but not as good as the first film, as this one relied a lot on jump-scares.

My morning was based around my car; a mechanic from a local garage came to look at it and they couldn't safely take it to the garage, so they worked on it where it was. One of my front suspension springs had gone, luckily not puncturing my brand new tyres! I worked on blog posts for a while and baked a cherry and coconut sponge cake. I had a BBQ sauce and cheese baguette for lunch, followed by a slice of my homemade cake. Dean was home for lunch, so we watched an episode of 11.22.63.
I then curled up on the sofa to read my current book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. We had thunder and rain, which I love! Our friend came round in the evening to watch the latest Game of Thrones episode.

I spent my morning catching up with laundry and housework, and getting the car finished. It's all sorted now and luckily cost under £100. I watched Eastenders and American Horror Story: Freakshow in the afternoon. I took Dean and his friends into Yeovil to get a few last minute items for their weekend trip - three of them are climbing Snowdon in Wales! Cue a lonesome weekend for me, but at least I'm working during the night. We had a snack at KFC and then drove home. We watched a couple of episodes of the new season of Orange Is The New Black and then I went to bed for an hour before work, which turned out to be a very busy night!

I hope you had a lovely week! Let me know what you got up to.
Emma xxx

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