05 June 2016

My Week In Pictures

For breakfast, I had a banana and coconut peanut butter smoothie with added Mighty Matcha green tea powder* - something I am testing out at the moment. I filmed not one, but two videos on Monday morning. We popped into Yeovil on Monday afternoon to get groceries from Tesco and a new iron from Argos. Terribly exciting, I know. I couldn't resist a bowl of fresh strawberries once I'd put away the shopping. We picked up some convenience foods for dinner - I had butternut squash with kale and pink peppercorn butter, along with a yummy flatbread! We watched Modern Family in the evening.

Tuesday was our second wedding anniversary, which calls for a cotton gift. We got each other an item of cotton clothing! We had a really chilled and relaxed morning and Dean went off to work at 1pm. I managed to film another haul video and got through half of the ironing, while watching more Marcella.
We had a pizza each for dinner, some Montezumas chocolate hearts for afters and my new favourite drink - Belvoir's elderflower & rose pressé! It tastes beautiful. We started re-watching The Wrong Mans, as the second series is now out, and then we watched Ex Machina and Cast Away. I lit my Eve Taylor lavender candle to set the relaxing ambiance.

Wednesday was a do-nothing sort of day. Well, I did finish off most of the ironing in the morning, while finishing Marcella. I also caught up on Eastenders. I had a random lunch of potato salad and some oatcakes. I caught up on blogging while watching Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners. After sorting out some laundry and doing some cleaning, I made a new batch of my DIY laundry detergent powder - the whole house smelled of lavender, as I also had my lavender candle burning!
One of my favourite, most calming scents. I had a late bath and used my new bath melts from Bloom Remedies - they made me feel really sleepy and were lovely!

Outfit Details:
Forever 21 Long Sleeve Top
People Tree Sheridan Skirt
Dorothy Perkins Ankle Boots
Matt & Nat Cross Body Satchel
Forever 21 Necklace
On Thursday, I did all the housework and enjoyed a long shower, trying out a new hair product, which I shall be reviewing soon. I even deep-cleaned the sofa! Obviously watching Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners is rubbing off on me, haha. And while I was at it, I decided to re-arrange the sofa placing slightly, and now the living area looks more spacious. We had a mini clear-out for an upcoming charity car boot sale, which my husband is hosting with his Trailwalker buddies. I styled an outfit with my new, organic cotton skirt from People Tree - I don't really wear skirts, so it's a bit of delving into the unknown! I really liked this look, though. I really enjoyed applying my new hand cream from Bloom Remedies throughout the day - it smells so good and is a lovely product! We had a friend over in the evening to watch the latest Game of Thrones episode and we had burgers for dinner. Dean and I watched another episode of The Wrong Mans later in the evening and I stayed up late blogging and watching TV.

I received an exciting package from Living Nature at Botanical Brands, containing a gorgeous new lipstick in shade "Bloom". It's the perfect summer shade and I'll be featuring it in another blog post soon! I had laundry to attend to, had a healthy smoothie for breakfast and had a quick shower. All I could smell all morning was lovely peppermint, as I was deodorising the mattress! I had some errands to run in town and then I watched some TV before lunch. I had a salad with grilled halloumi and BBQ sauce. Tracy popped round in the afternoon for a catch up, then I sorted out some kitchen cupboards when she left. Dean left for the evening around 6pm to go to a friends' house for games night, so I began watching Ramsay's Hotel Hell. I picked up Dean and his friends at 11pm, then made my way to work.

How was your week?
Emma xxx


  1. Those strawbs look amazing! I always struggle to find some that look that fresh and juicy :) I bet they smelt incredible. The halloumi salad also looks delicious :) Congrats on your second wedding anniversary. x


    1. They didn't taste quite as good as they looked, unfortunately! The halloumi salad was excellent! Thank you. :) xxx

  2. Your posts never fail to make my stomach growl! x

    1. Hehe! Glad I could be of service! xxx

  3. You look really nice in your skirt outfit!

  4. Really enjoyed reading this post and browsing your photographs. Your photography is getting really good, particularly the food ones!! You could easily put some in a cookery/lifestyle book or something! :-) Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners sounds worth a watch, for my birthday I’ve asked for a book called ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying’ by Marie Kondo. It’s quite talked about and you may like it, I will let you know how I get on with it. Love the new outfit and skirt, very stylish! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Aww, thank you, Helen! I always appreciate your input. :) A small part of the two courses I did during college focused on photography, but that was so long ago. I'm thinking of looking into taking an online course, specifically for DSLR cameras! Oh yes, my sister got that book - it sounds great! If you get it, definitely let me know how you get on. xxx


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