01 June 2016

Food & Drink - This Month I've Been Trying...

I'm probably much more excited about this new blog series than I should be, but... I love food! I thought it would be a great idea to regularly share my thoughts on any new food and drink products I've been trying, especially as I am starting to branch out into the "free-from" food world. I love trying new food and drink products from organic, natural and free-from ranges. Cutting out certain ingredients certainly doesn't mean cutting out your favourite foods!

This month I've been trying...

Dorset Tea Strawberries & Cream Tea, £2.25/20 teabags
I knew I'd love this tea as soon as I opened the packet - it smells divine. It tastes of fruity strawberries with a creamy, vanilla undertone and is just lovely! This is fast becoming a new favourite and I can't wait to try more from this local brand. I contacted Dorset Tea to enquire if the "cream flavour" was dairy-free and therefore suitable for vegans and I can confirm that it is indeed lactose-free and vegan-friendly!
Apple, Hibiscus, Rose Hip, Strawberry Flavour 9%, Cream Flavour 3%, Strawberry 2%.
English Tea Shop Organic Blueberry & Elderflower Super White Tea, £1.99 £1.59/20 teabags
This tea didn't taste how I'd hoped or expected; it has a slight bitterness to it and I don't taste the elderflower. However, I really love this brand; they have endless flavours available and they are certified organic.
Organic white tea, organic lemongrass, organic elderflower and organic blueberry pieces with natural blueberry flavour.
Zest Tomato Basil & Oregano Pasta Sauce, £2.05 £1.64/340g
This classic flavoured, vegan pasta sauce was really tasty and you could tell the ingredients were good quality. It was quite garlicky (which I love) and had a hint of heat as well. I enjoyed mine over penne pasta, sprinkled with vegan cheese. I probably wouldn't go out of my way to re-purchase this, especially at full price, as it is a pretty basic sauce to make at home, but I'd like to try more of their products. Also, isn't the packaging great?!
Tomatoes (56%), onion, mushrooms (7%), tomato paste (7%), green pepper (4%), vegetable oil, extra virgin olive oil, water, basil, parsley, apple juice concentrate, garlic purée, sea salt, oregano, toasted sesame oil, white wine vinegar, black pepper.
Pearls Of Samarkand White Mulberries, £3.55 £2.84/100g
I was told these were a great alternative snack for when you are craving something sweet... They are okay, but they don't really satisfy my sweet tooth! You can get chocolate-covered mulberries, which would probably suit me better, but they seem really pricey. I think these would be great in granola.
100% White Mulberries (Organic Certified).
Meridian Coconut & Peanut Butter, £2.49 £1.99/280g
When I spotted this while browsing online, I just knew I had to try it! The aromatic sweetness of the coconut adds a wonderful new twist on classic peanut butter. It's great on toast, on oatcakes and in smoothies! I love it.
Roasted Peanuts with whole skins on (69%), Coconut (28%), Honey.

What were your new food and drink discoveries this month?


  1. Both of those teas sound amazing, as does that nut butter! I'm afraid my only discoveries have been junk food- Crunchie chocolate spread anyone? xx

    1. Crunchie chocolate spread sounds pretty damn amazing, Laura! Where did you find it? xxx

  2. Hey Em! :-) What a great idea for a post, it was interesting to read. The Dorset tea sounds perfect, I love fruity teas. I’m always looking for tasty snacks which satisfy my sweet tooth too. My Mum often buys me dates, walnuts, and cashew nuts to snack on. I’ve been eating honey on wholemeal bread too in between meals. I like the sound of the coconut and peanut butter, yummy! I’ve had a stomach bug this week, so haven’t had as much time for blogging unfortunately. Luckily it’s passing now though so I’m excited to get back on track over the weekend. Speak soon! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Thanks, Helen! I thought this would be a fun little blog series. :) I love Halawi dates! So sorry to hear you've not been feeling well - I hope you feel much better over the weekend and look forward to reading your upcoming blog posts. xxx


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