30 May 2016

My Weekend In Pictures

Yay, the end of my working week! That was a tough one - knackered. Looking forward to a week of leisure. I slept till early afternoon, mooched around for a bit and opened up my latest Ethical Superstore order which was waiting for me outside the door. I picked up lots of edible goodies! And a couple of beauty essentials. More on those soon. I did a quick tidy through and had a quick shower. I placed a very exciting order on TK Maxx, saving over £100 on the RRPs of two items! I think I've caught that darned spending bug again, oops... Well, at least I always find awesome bargains! The in-laws came round for dinner - we had nachos and fajitas and watched Hot Pursuit on Netflix. After they left, I watched some Eastenders. Before I knew it, 10pm was approaching and I was more than ready to curl up in bed with my book! However, I didn't get to sleep properly until 2:30am, due to some very inconsiderate neighbours having a party in their garden!

I was still tired when I woke up earlier than required. I watched Eastenders with breakfast and did some laundry. After a quick shower and saving a little spider (big deal for me, as I have a phobia of spiders, but I'm trying), I did some ironing while watching another episode or two of Eastenders. I had a random lunch of Nairn's oatcakes with sour cream & chive dip, then watched nostalgic Legally Blonde. Reese Witherspoon does not age, does she?! I put a couple of items on eBay, as I'm trying to minimise my wardrobe and make it more "green"; any new purchases, where possible, will be organic/eco-friendly/vegan-friendly/recycled/Fair Trade. I'm really excited about this!
I had a chocolate assam tea and some mulberries in the afternoon and started watching the last series of Scott & Bailey. Dean was off to a friend's house for "nerd night", so I stayed home alone with a bottle of elderflower fizz and a chocolate bar all to myself. I made a quick pasta dish for dinner with salad and watched the last episode of Scott & Bailey, as there were only three in total. Sad that it's finished, it was a great show! I love a good British crime drama. Any others I should know about? To continue the theme, I binge-watched four episodes of Marcella.

Sunday started off pretty crap, as I was in a bad mood for the first half of the day. We had trouble deciding on a pub to eat at in the evening (for our early wedding anniversary celebration with our friends, Tracy and Alex), as many only serve carverys on a Sunday, have no food in the evening or are closed completely. Our original pick has unfortunately closed down! They had the best chips ever, so I hope whoever takes over can follow suit.
In the end, we chose The Crown Inn, Marnhull, which serves a Sunday carvery and a limited, but pretty generous, menu. I think there were four vegetarian options to choose from, which I thought was really good for a limited menu. The only thing I don't like about this pub is that you have to keep going up to the bar to order any drinks and your menu choices. I guess it saves on waiting staff... The pub itself is a lovely 16th century property, which features in Thomas Hardy's novel, Tess of the D'Urbervilles, and was actually a frequent haunt of his, also known as The Pure Drop Inn. The interior had some pretty little touches, such as candles in lanterns and fairy lights adorning the old beams. Tracy and I both chose the battered halloumi main, which came with chunky chips, mushy peas, salad and tartar sauce (which I gave to Tracy). It was delicious! Surprisingly, I'd never tried halloumi before. The chips were really good, too and the portion size was excellent. We also both went for the chocolate brownies with ice-cream for our dessert, which was pretty good. I had to take a photo of Dean's dessert - an impressive tower of berry pavlova! Afterwards, we went back to ours for a film and some drinks.

What did you get up to over the Bank Holiday weekend?


  1. Lovely weekend Em! I think I’ve caught the spending bug too, after a long period of not buying much. I went shopping to Primark on Friday and picked up some bargains in the sale. I look forward to hearing about your green wardrobe project, I would personally find that quite a challenge, but good luck and great idea! The Crown Inn looks like a really nice pub to eat out at and the food looks pretty dam incredible! I don’t think I have tasted halloumi but it looks tasty especially with the chunky chips and peas. The desserts look impressive also. Seems like the meal was a success, it’s always good when you find great places to eat out! You and your husband look happy in the photo. Nice to hear about your bank holl weekend, and fab photos as always. My family and I just had a catch up at home as my Mum was a bit under the weather. I finished a book and caught up with blogging etc. :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Yeah, I feel I've been quite good at not spending much recently, so it must have been time for a shopping spree, haha! Sales are definitely your best friend when shopping for ethical clothing - you'll see my haul next week! The food was really lovely - definitely try halloumi when you can, it was lovely in batter. Looking forward to reading your blog this week. :) xxx


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