08 May 2016

My Week In Pictures

On Sunday, I started the day of with a healthy breakfast (unfortunately it looked much better than it tasted!) of vegan yoghurt with frozen berries and cacao nibs, an orange, a skinny latte and a herbal tea. We didn't do much during the day, but had the in-laws over for dinner. I made spaghetti bolognese with garlic bread and toffee brownies for afters! We watched comedy, Vacation.

I lazed around till midday, applied avocado oil to my scalp and ends of hair, then showered. I filmed two videos for my YouTube channel. I had late lunch and watched Eastenders. I phoned my friend in the evening to catch up and then we watched Me and Earl and the Dying Girl afterwards.

Tuesday we went to Poole shopping - it was hot enough for no jacket! I wore my new Missguided leopard print dress. I used the two Shakeaway vouchers I'd won and chose an organic soya shake with peanut Butterfingers. I bought a new top from Next, which came with an awesome cacti print scarf! We had lunch at Subway and then drove to the retail parks to pop into TK Maxx and a few others. Dean had work from 4pm till 9pm, so I caught up on laundry, watched Welsh crime drama, Hinterland, and Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners. I had pesto pasta with feta cheese for dinner.

I made vegan vanilla granola for breakfast and watched Eastenders. I spent the day de-cluttering the bedroom, including my dressing table. I had a late lunch and watched more Hinterland, then spent hours ironing, while watching Erin Brockovich. We had vegetarians sausages and mash for dinner and watched Gotham in the evening.

On Thursday, I wore my new top and scarf! I deep-cleaned the bathroom and finished off the rest of the housework. I had a fried egg sandwich for lunch, cooked by Dean. Me and my friend went for an hour's walk along the trailway, after she'd finished work at 2:30pm. It was very warm and sunny! After the walk, I popped into Co-op for some refreshments for the evening, as we were having a few friends round for a Trailwalker discussion - there was pizza and chocolate involved! We watched Game of Thrones and then I left them to it to talk walking plans and retired to the bedroom to read.

On Friday, I made a lavender DIY laundry detergent powder - I put it to the test and it's great! I also used bicarbonate of soda and peppermint essential oil to deodorise our mattress and every now and again, I get a whiff of peppermint, which is lovely! We enjoyed a lovely Chinese takeaway over at Dean's parents' and watched some Impractical Jokers and The Simpsons. I was back to work later that night.

What did you get up to during the week? I hope you've been enjoying the sunny weather!


  1. I love the leopard print dress! Do you have a recipe for the toffee brownies? xx

    1. Thanks, Laura! It's from a huge cookbook, but I found them a little eggy in taste, so I'm going to try and perfect a brownie recipe and will share it on the blog! :) xxx

  2. This is a lovely little insight into your week! I also love your bedroom, especially the makeup / jewellery area!

    1. Thank you! It feels so much better after having a de-clutter and re-organising everything. Thanks for stopping by, Emily! :) xxx

  3. Hi Em! :-) Glad you had a nice week. Those brownies look yummy, they are one of my favourite desserts, especially with a bit of ice-cream. Your food photography is always amazing, I think we share a passion for it too! Lovely to hear you had a spring clean, I did too last week and feel so much better for it. Your dressing table is pretty as well. It’s impressive you have made your own DIY laundry powder, really great idea! Best wishes for the rest of your week! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Thanks, Helen. Brownies are my weakness, too! I'm trying to perfect a recipe to share on the blog. Yes, I love capturing good food photos. I'm really enjoying DIY cleaning products and will be sharing more about this soon. xxx


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