14 April 2016

The Weekly Wish List

1. Chase & Wonder Canvas Zip Purse, £10
I want to ditch my long, bulky purse and get a coin purse and a seperate card holder, so that I can fit them in a small bag, as my current purse will only fit inside my handbag. I really love the design on this one!
2. JOIK Silky Pastel Pink Lip Balm, £5.50/7g
Isn't this a pretty lip colour? This looks like a great everyday shade, plus it's also a lip balm!
3. JOIK Rejuvenating Chocolate Facial Mask, £8.50/50g
Oh my gosh, I can smear chocolate all over my face and call it a face mask? Sold.
4. Matalan Slatted Bathroom Shelving Ladder, £35
Painted grey, I'd love this simplistic storage ladder in the bathroom, although it may be a little too big for the small space available in ours. Fresh towels and special beauty products would make a lovely display.
5. Matalan Set of 2 Weathered Boxes, £15
I'm currently itching for a little kitchen makeover - we rent, so nothing major - to reflect my current tastes. I want to add rustic touches and have the amount of items out on the sides as minimal as possible. So, I'm looking for some pretty storage boxes to store appliances in that are not used regularly, which will be stored on top of the cupboards. I love these ones and it's a great price for two!

What's at the top of your wish list this week?

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