18 April 2016

My Weekend In Pictures


We had a really hectic morning at work and I was glad to be finished for the week! After breakfast, I went to bed till 2pm. I had a pesto, cheese and tomato panini for lunch, plus a chocolate raspberry coffee on the side. I spent some time house/job searching online, then had a shower and applied a clay face mask; I also applied it to the backs of my hands, as I was intrigued if it would do anything for them - I think it did! I had a very random tea of toasted cheesy buns with baked beans and cheese! We watched Red Dwarf in the evening, then I briefly spoke to my Mum on the phone, then called my sister and we spoke for two hours. I didn't get into bed till gone 11:30pm!


I had a quick shower and breakfast before leaving at 10am with my friend, Tracy. We went to The Curiosity Centre in Dorchester - a vintage/antiques salvage warehouse, situated in an old bus depot. I'm glad I wrapped up warm, as it was really chilly! There was so much to look at, so we looked round the whole place once, then stopped to have lunch in the little café. I had a panini with cranberry and goat's cheese with salad and coleslaw; it was really nice, but there was too much cheese for my liking. I opted for a hot chocolate, but it was a bit too milky for me. We then went round the place again and then once we were finished, we headed back to the café counter to choose a cake to take home. I was impressed that there were vegan and gluten-free options available. Tracy opted for a huge slab of gluten-free mango cake, which she really enjoyed, and I picked up a vegan brownie, which was rather disappointing, unfortunately!
DSC 0178ed
Overall, we both had a great time and each made a couple of purchases. One great factor is that you can haggle a little on the prices! We are planning on re-visiting in a couple of months' time.
I purchased this huge, rustic heart lantern for just £10, down from £12, which was a complete bargain! I have wanted a large lantern for ages, but was put off by the prices online, which started at around £35. I also picked up this wooden crate, which, after a quick search on Google, appears to have come from a winery in Pauillac, France, and was used to store bottles of year 2000 wine, making it a good sixteen years old! I'm currently using this to store all of my recycled glass jars and bottles, which I shall be using as food storage. I got this for £12, down from £15. When I got home around 3pm, I had lots of cleaning to attend to, plus food prep for the evening.
I sat down late afternoon for a latte and the vegan brownie. I'm hoping to try my own vegan brownie recipe and see if I can do any better! I enjoyed a meatless roast for dinner and a slice of toffee pecan roulade for dessert - I was so full! We watched The Interview with Dean's parents and I did some blogging after they'd left. I went to bed early, read for a while, then fell promptly asleep!

On Sunday, we had a slow, relaxing start to the morning, not doing much. After lunch, we decided to drive to a little woodland car park just outside of Okeford Fitzpaine and embark on an 8 mile walk to Bulbarrow Hill.
We had lots of muddy puddles to navigate around and a lot of the walking was on the quiet country roads, but we enjoyed wonderful views the whole way. When we finally made it to Bulbarrow Hill, it was totally worth it - the views were stunning! Dean befriended some dairy cows, I got a minor electric shot from yet another fence without warning signs, we saw some huge pigs, cute cows, lots of dogs, a pheasant and a couple of ponies and horses.
The weather stayed warm and sunny throughout and we both caught the sun a little on our faces. It was really great to be outdoors for a good three hours or so, although we were both pretty exhausted when we got back! We didn't have much for tea and in the evening, I phoned my parents and chatted for a while, before watching an episode of Attack On Titan and then two episodes of Impractical Jokers. I enjoyed trying this Jim Beam bourbon with coke - I couldn't resist picking it up a while back, as it had maple syrup in it! Then it was time for bed!

What did you get up to over the weekend?


  1. Hey Em! :-) Sorry for delayed reply, sounds like you had an awesome weekend! The vintage/antiques salvage warehouse looks really interesting, the things you picked up are lovely and what bargains too! Seems like a nice way to spend a morning, I like how you have captured the place through photography. The Sunday walk looks enjoyable, it’s good to get into the outdoors, and smell the fresh air. At the weekend my parents and I went camping, which was fun! Hope you are having a nice week so far and lovely post! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Thanks, Helen! :) We really enjoyed looking round the Curiosity Centre and I'd love to return regularly. I'm so in love with the lantern! It was so good to get out in the fresh air on Sunday and the weather was summer-worthy! That sounds fun! I've never been camping, although I'd probably be more suited to "glamping", haha! xxx


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