04 April 2016

My Weekend In Pictures

Thursday night and Friday morning were very testing. I was not happy and I made it a well-known fact. I went to bed (with an awful headache) when I got home from work and got up around 12pm, to receive a parcel delivery. I got two online orders delivered, which helped cheer me up a bit.
One was a MyPure order full of natural beauty goodies and the other was from Big Green Smile, containing an abundance of natural cleaning products. I got stuck in with the cleaning products and cleaned the bathroom and floors.
Dean very sweetly brought me home a pretty, pink and white bunch of carnations to cheer me up - sometimes they just know, don't they? I did laundry and then sat down to do some blogging. We had pizza for tea and watched an episode of Fear The Walking Dead. We also watched rom-com, Man Up, which was really good. I went to bed at 10:30pm and read my book for an hour.

I had a little lie-in on Saturday morning. I started the day off well, by having fresh nectarines with organic vanilla yoghurt and a peppermint tea for breakfast. After showering and making myself look presentable, I filmed a haul video! It's been ages since I last filmed a video. You can check that out here. I did the rest of the housework, which I'd started on Friday, and then I had a quick lunch and watched an episode of Coronation Street. After editing my video, I made some chocolate mini egg nests - a belated Easter goody! And then I started preparing dinner. We had Dean's parents over for a roast dinner and watched Impractical Jokers. Dean wanted to read for a while, so I played Tomb Raider and ended up finishing it, with a little help from Dean, as I was getting stressed out! Then it was off to bed.

Make-up Details:
Lily Lolo mineral foundation in "blondie" mixed with "flawless matte" finishing powder.
DeVita eyeshadow in "soave" as a base and "pink champagne" on the lid.
Neve Cosmetics Occhioni black mascara.
INIKA Powder blush in "pink pinch".
Hurraw! Black cherry tinted lip balm.

Outfit Details:
Dorothy Perkins Striped T-shirt
Matalan Boucle Jacket
F+F @ Tesco Skinny Performance Jeans
Dorothy Perkins Striped Flats
Nica Handbag
Forever 21 Statement Necklace
Sunday started with a lovely mocha coffee! I uploaded my latest YouTube video and a blog post. I had a quick shower and got myself ready, as we were going out. We left just after 2pm to pick up Tracy and Alex on the way to Yeovil.
We popped into TK Maxx and picked up some goodies and then browsed the shops in town. We had an early dinner at pizza hut - my pizza had a BBQ sauce base, cheese, red onion and mixed peppers and was lovely! We then went off to the nearby bowling alley for a game of ten pin bowling - something I haven't played in about ten years! I lost, but I started off well... I'd love to go again soon and we all enjoyed it! When we got home, I spent some time catching up with blog posts, then got into my cosy PJs early! I started the new Tomb Raider game, Rise of the Tomb Raider, on the XBOX One and was instantly impressed with the graphics and gameplay! I played it for an hour or so and then headed off to bed to read after a little more blogging.

How was your weekend?


  1. I really need to start watching Fear the Walking dead, I've heard it's amazing & seen as though TWD has finished now I really must get my butt in gear & start. Sounds like a lovely chilled weekend, I haven't been bowling for ages, I'm usually quite good at it, even if it is usually a fluke! My dad calls me 'the spawn of satan' Ha. Lovely flowers too, you lucky lady!!

    1. Yes, we're enjoying it so far. So lost now that TWD has finished! :( Hopefully I'll be better at bowling next time, haha! xxx

  2. I always enjoy reading this series of posts, your week sounds lovely! Those carnations are pretty what a sweet thought. Those chocolate mini egg nests look delicious too. I love Impractical Jokers, the American version is just brilliant and makes me laugh so much. I’m not as keen on the British version though. Your pizza hut and bowling night seemed fun, I haven’t been bowling is ages either, but I usually get a strike or two when I do. That Matalan Boucle Jacket looks so chic, really great outfit! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Aww, thank you, Helen! Glad you enjoy this series. :) Yeah, the American Impractical Jokers is much better! I really love this jacket - need to wear it more often! xxx


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