22 April 2016

My Week In Pictures

Wow, I ached in the morning after our 8 mile walk on Sunday! I didn't do much at all on Monday, apart from a quick trip into Yeovil for some food shopping and of course a look in TK Maxx. I picked up a new tea to try and grabbed myself an awesome bargain in the shape of this Estelle & Thild Violet Slimming Oil, which has an RRP of £35 - I got it for just £1! It's a lovely product and I'm really enjoying using it. I made chickpea curry for tea (an Elly Pear recipe), but it turned out quite bland, so I made it into soup instead. I put some candles in my new lantern in the evening - it looked lovely!

I had lots of laundry and ironing to do in the morning, so I watched Jonathan Creek while doing that. I made a vegetarian lasagne for dinner, with some roast potatoes on the side. For dessert, I served up mini meringues with organic strawberry yoghurt and fresh mango. We watched the latest Stars Wars movie in the evening.

DSC 0319ed
DSC 0321ed
On wednesday, I baked chocolate chip cookies and vegan peanut cookies. Dean went off on a long, coastal walk with his Trailwalker buddies and I went over to Tracy's for a walk round Stalbridge and some woods there that were blanketed in bluebells! The weather was really warm and sunny, so it was another lovely walk. We had bangers n' mash for dinner and watched 11.22.63, the new JFK TV drama with James Franco.


I had a long shower, trying a new conditioner and applying Madara's AHA Peel Mask. I filmed a haul video in the morning, after sorting out lots of laundry. I had leftover soup for lunch, then enjoyed a latte and a couple of homemade cookies. I watched Eastenders and then did some ironing while watching season 4 of Girls. I had a simple pesto pasta dish for dinner, watched some Attack On Titan and Bates Motel with Dean and then it was time to prepare for work (I went back one night early)!

What did you get up to this week?


  1. Awesome post Em! :-) Those TKMaxx purchases look lovely. The Estelle & Thild product was such a bargain too! The lantern looks really homely with the candles in, I bought some butterfly fairy lights recently, and I love the soft glow of light and ambience it creates. Your baking looks really yummy, and your food photographs is getting really good too. The walk you went on with a friend looks so scenic, I want to get into walking or something active. Glad you had a nice week! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you, Helen, I really enjoyed that week! I was so impressed with the Estelle & Thild oil! I'd love to get some fairy lights, too. The cookies were really good and I'm planning on posting the recipe soon. It's great to get outdoors again! Have a lovely week! xxx


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