09 April 2016

My Week In Pictures

Outfit Details:
Wallis Striped Knit Dress
George @ ASDA Leggings
JustFab Knee-high Boots
SoulCal Khaki Parka
eBay Statement Gem Necklace
Nica Handbag
We had a slow start on Monday and enjoyed trying the chocolate and raspberry coffee we purchased from TK Maxx on Sunday for breakfast - it was really nice and something different. We went grocery shopping at Lidl and ASDA and got lots of fresh ingredients - I had a few recipes to buy items for this week. We had torrential rain for the journey there and back, with lots of surface water on the roads.

After I'd organised and put away the shopping, we had a chilled coffee drink and a yummy blueberry muffin each! It started heavily raining again - I actually love listening to it when you're all tucked up and cosy indoors! I find it quite therapeutic. Although, I was pleased when the sun made an (albeit brief) appearance in the late afternoon. I tended to some laundry and drafted some blog posts until early evening. We had soft tacos for dinner - mine were filled with three bean salad, lettuce, tomatoes, vegan cheese, sour cream & chive dip and BBQ sauce. We watched an episode of Gotham and shared a bag of Reese's peanut butter cups while watching the season finale of The Walking Dead! I watched Jonathan Creek before bed.

Tuesday was bright and sunny until the heavens opened around midday! I'd spent the morning doing light chores and watching Coronation Street. After a quick once-over of the kitchen and bathroom, I had some crumpets for lunch and then made some nutella creme egg brownies! Don't they look glorious? Then I sat down to watch two episodes of Stella. I spent some time editing photos and browsing online, then it was time to prepare dinner. I made mixed pepper and red onion frittatas, using the base recipe in Elly Pear's new cookbook, Fast Days & Feast Days (see my review here), served with a mixed leaf side salad. They didn't look great, but tasted really good! We had a warmed brownie each for afters and watched Sinister 2.

I wore my new Boden purchase on Wednesday and spent some time trying to get some decent outfit shots! You can see the full outfit post here. The morning sort of ran away with me and before I knew it, my friend was popping round at 2pm for a coffee and catch-up. Afterwards, I enjoyed a brownie and watched some Stella. Dean went off ice-skating with his friends (not my thing!). I made another of Elly Pear's recipes - the banana and oat bars. They smelled so good while baking! I had pasta smothered in sour cream and chive sauce, with garlic buttered cherry tomatoes and a garlic and shallot flatbread for dinner. It was very garlicky! When Dean got home, we watched an episode of Bates Motel and Modern Family. I finished the book I'd been reading.

Thursday began by getting up to receive a little parcel; an etsy order I'd recently placed. The presentation was just lovely and you could tell a lot of effort had gone into it. I'd purchased a set of 5 "scrubbies" - reusable, crocheted facial pads in a powder pink hue. I can't wait to use them! I also published a blog post on Elly Pear's debut cookbook, Fast Days & Feast Days. I had to keep quiet about it until the release date! I'd definitely recommend getting yourself a copy - especially if you're interested in the 5:2 diet. I finished season 5 of Stella and then in the afternoon, my friend and I went to Sherborne to look round the shops. We particularly enjoyed visiting a few antique/restoration businesses - getting ideas and inspiration! I didn't purchase anything, so my purse was happy!
As Dean was at the cinema all evening, I spent my evening having leftover pasta for dinner and watching Jonathan Creek episodes. I enjoyed a hot bath, infused with Skin Blossom's therapeutic bath soak, and began a new book. I caught up on some Eastenders afterwards.

I started the day off by having porridge and a mocha coffee for breakfast (all about balance, right?) and after showering, I deep-cleaned the hob and cleaned the bathroom. How exciting! I received another little parcel - this time from Hippy Paste (formerly Earth Consious) - containing two tins of natural deodorant. I've just finished up my Natural Deodorant Co. deodorant and thought I'd make good use of the "buy 2 or more for free delivery" deal on Hippy Paste. I'm excited to see how their new formula compares to the old version. I hope it's even better, because at £5 a tin, this is an excellent budget buy! I also placed a little order on The Kitchen Gift Company's website - I'm planning on a little kitchen makeover soon! After a quick lunch, I started watching the latest TV adaptation of The Enfield Haunting, while doing some ironing. The boiler man turned up late afternoon and was doing repairs for a good two and a half hours! So, I was pretty bored, but spent most of my time browsing online, then watched OCCleaners. I had a baked potato with baked beans and cheese for dinner, followed by Easter egg chocolate. We watched an episode of Red Dwarf and then American Ultra. Then it was off to work for another week!

What did you get up to this week?


  1. Fab post Em! I love listening to rain while tucked up indoors too, it’s so cosy. Your posts always make me hungry! :-) Those nutella creme egg brownies look amazing, I love the photos too. Pleased you finished reading another book, I did too this week. Those Etsy purchases are so sweet, I used to have a business on Etsy with my handmade cards but never thought to shop there, maybe I should have a browse! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you, Helen. The brownies were delicious! The crochet facial pads are really lovely. Lots of lovely finds on Etsy! xxx

  2. Everything you've done looks so cute!! I love everything. Ha... The brownies, your little cupcake cup, the reusable pads. Looks great.
    I haven't had an exciting week at all. I've had the house to myself for the last couple of days so have been on a complete cleaning mission! How boring!

    1. Aww, thanks, Claire! :) Spring cleaning is great, although it doesn't seem to last long, haha! xxx


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