25 April 2016

Living Nature Sensitive Skin Sample Kit

Living Nature Sensitive Skin Sample Kit*, £1.50

Living Nature now offer you the chance to try before you buy on their sensitive skincare range; for just £1.50, plus free delivery, you can sample their cleanser, toner and moisturiser with 2.5ml sample sachets!

This range includes pure, certified natural ingredients, such as organic virgin coconut oil and harakeke flax extract. With no nasty chemicals and no added fragrance, this range is perfect for sensitive skins.
Living Nature Sensitive Cleanser, £21/100ml
I found the cleanser to have a subtle, slightly unusual scent - almost plasticky!? This product was very gentle and removed all of my make-up really well. I used the whole sachet for one application. I found it left my skin soft, with no irritation.
Living Nature Sensitive Hydrating Toner, £21/100ml
The toner had the same scent as the cleanser and was rather thick in texture - I'm so used to liquid toners! Only a small amount was needed for one application (about half a sachet) and it felt like a great double cleanse, leaving my skin refreshed and hydrated. Out of all three products, this was my favourite and one I would consider purchasing in full size.
Living Nature Sensitive Day Moisturise, £26.50/50ml
Again, this had the same scent as before. The formula was very lightweight, yet only a small amount was needed for one application (about half a sachet). Sadly, I didn't like this moisturiser. It was very mattifying, so I think it would be great for oily skin, but it almost had that tightening effect on my skin and was not hydrating enough for my combination skin.

Have you tried these products yet?
*items kindly sent for review purposes; all thoughts and opinions are, and always will be, my own.


  1. These look nice, I have sensitive skin so always on the lookout for new products. Thanks for sharing!
    Gemma x

    1. You're welcome, Gemma! :) Hope you like them if you decide to try. xxx

  2. I love the idea of being able to sample the range before committing to full sizes! The cleanser sounds lovely.

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    1. It's a great idea, especially where more expensive brands are concerned. The cleanser was really effective and gentle. xxx


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