25 April 2016

Living Nature Sensitive Skin Sample Kit

Living Nature Sensitive Skin Sample Kit*, £1.50

Living Nature now offer you the chance to try before you buy on their sensitive skincare range; for just £1.50, plus free delivery, you can sample their cleanser, toner and moisturiser with 2.5ml sample sachets!

This range includes pure, certified natural ingredients, such as organic virgin coconut oil and harakeke flax extract. With no nasty chemicals and no added fragrance, this range is perfect for sensitive skins.
Living Nature Sensitive Cleanser, £21/100ml
I found the cleanser to have a subtle, slightly unusual scent - almost plasticky!? This product was very gentle and removed all of my make-up really well. I used the whole sachet for one application. I found it left my skin soft, with no irritation.
Living Nature Sensitive Hydrating Toner, £21/100ml
The toner had the same scent as the cleanser and was rather thick in texture - I'm so used to liquid toners! Only a small amount was needed for one application (about half a sachet) and it felt like a great double cleanse, leaving my skin refreshed and hydrated. Out of all three products, this was my favourite and one I would consider purchasing in full size.
Living Nature Sensitive Day Moisturise, £26.50/50ml
Again, this had the same scent as before. The formula was very lightweight, yet only a small amount was needed for one application (about half a sachet). Sadly, I didn't like this moisturiser. It was very mattifying, so I think it would be great for oily skin, but it almost had that tightening effect on my skin and was not hydrating enough for my combination skin.

Have you tried these products yet?
*items kindly sent for review purposes; all thoughts and opinions are, and always will be, my own.

23 April 2016

What I Bought This Week

1. Boden Slogan Sweatshirt, £59.50 £23.80
2. Lesser & Pavey Perpetual Calendar, £6.95
3. Talking Tables Set of 36 Chalkboard Labels & Chalk Pen, £3.75
4. SuzieSue Crafts Set of 5 100% Cotton Crocheted Face Scrubbies, £4.95
5. Fireside Coffee Co. Chocolate Raspberry Coffee, RRP $7.99 £4.99/8oz
6. The English Tea Co. Chocolate Super Berry Burst Tea, RRP £2.99 £2.29/16 tea pyramids
7. Green & Black's Salted Caramel Chocolate, £2/100g
8. Faith In Nature Coconut Hand Wash x2, £4.19 £2.99 each/300ml
9. Deep Steep Mango Papaya Argan Oil Body Lotion, £7.81 £4.99
10. Hippy Paste Ylang Ylang Deodorant Balm, £5/60g
11. Hippy Paste Tropical Deodorant Balm, £5/60g
12. Estelle & Thild Violet Body Oil, RRP £35 £1/100ml

What have you been buying recently?

22 April 2016

My Week In Pictures

Wow, I ached in the morning after our 8 mile walk on Sunday! I didn't do much at all on Monday, apart from a quick trip into Yeovil for some food shopping and of course a look in TK Maxx. I picked up a new tea to try and grabbed myself an awesome bargain in the shape of this Estelle & Thild Violet Slimming Oil, which has an RRP of £35 - I got it for just £1! It's a lovely product and I'm really enjoying using it. I made chickpea curry for tea (an Elly Pear recipe), but it turned out quite bland, so I made it into soup instead. I put some candles in my new lantern in the evening - it looked lovely!

I had lots of laundry and ironing to do in the morning, so I watched Jonathan Creek while doing that. I made a vegetarian lasagne for dinner, with some roast potatoes on the side. For dessert, I served up mini meringues with organic strawberry yoghurt and fresh mango. We watched the latest Stars Wars movie in the evening.

DSC 0319ed
DSC 0321ed
On wednesday, I baked chocolate chip cookies and vegan peanut cookies. Dean went off on a long, coastal walk with his Trailwalker buddies and I went over to Tracy's for a walk round Stalbridge and some woods there that were blanketed in bluebells! The weather was really warm and sunny, so it was another lovely walk. We had bangers n' mash for dinner and watched 11.22.63, the new JFK TV drama with James Franco.


I had a long shower, trying a new conditioner and applying Madara's AHA Peel Mask. I filmed a haul video in the morning, after sorting out lots of laundry. I had leftover soup for lunch, then enjoyed a latte and a couple of homemade cookies. I watched Eastenders and then did some ironing while watching season 4 of Girls. I had a simple pesto pasta dish for dinner, watched some Attack On Titan and Bates Motel with Dean and then it was time to prepare for work (I went back one night early)!

What did you get up to this week?

21 April 2016

DIY Dry Shampoo Powder

You may have recently seen this Facebook post about how Batiste dry shampoo caused a girl to develop severe sores on her scalp, as well as hair loss. I used to be an avid user of this product, until I turned to natural beauty. As well as the toxic ingredients in Batiste's dry shampoos, it is also an aerosol, which is bad for you and the environment. While this story is still fresh in people's minds, I thought I'd share my very simple and purse-friendly DIY dry shampoo powder with you!
You'll need some cocoa powder (not drinking chocolate) and either cornflour or arrowroot powder. A few drops of an essential oil of your choice is optional.

I currently use a 3:2 ratio of organic cocoa powder and cornflour, recently adding some eucalyptus essential oil to the mix! All you need to do is thoroughly mix the ingredients and store in a suitable container - I find a lockable sifter pot is excellent; you can purchase these online or recycle one like I've done with an old Lily Lolo foundation pot. Depending on your hair colour, you may find you need more or less of one powder - if you have a very light hair colour, cornflour/arrowroot on its own will also work.

To use, I sift some powder into the lid of my container and, using an old powder make-up brush, carefully dab some powder onto the brush, tapping off the excess and applying directly to my roots and massaging it in with the powder brush. Once finished with the powder, I brush my hair to ensure the powder has been evenly distributed. I currently wash my hair every other day and using this dry shampoo keeps it looking fresh on the no-wash days. Depending on your hair type, you may find you can get away without washing your hair for longer!

Do you use dry shampoo in your haircare routine?

18 April 2016

My Weekend In Pictures


We had a really hectic morning at work and I was glad to be finished for the week! After breakfast, I went to bed till 2pm. I had a pesto, cheese and tomato panini for lunch, plus a chocolate raspberry coffee on the side. I spent some time house/job searching online, then had a shower and applied a clay face mask; I also applied it to the backs of my hands, as I was intrigued if it would do anything for them - I think it did! I had a very random tea of toasted cheesy buns with baked beans and cheese! We watched Red Dwarf in the evening, then I briefly spoke to my Mum on the phone, then called my sister and we spoke for two hours. I didn't get into bed till gone 11:30pm!


I had a quick shower and breakfast before leaving at 10am with my friend, Tracy. We went to The Curiosity Centre in Dorchester - a vintage/antiques salvage warehouse, situated in an old bus depot. I'm glad I wrapped up warm, as it was really chilly! There was so much to look at, so we looked round the whole place once, then stopped to have lunch in the little café. I had a panini with cranberry and goat's cheese with salad and coleslaw; it was really nice, but there was too much cheese for my liking. I opted for a hot chocolate, but it was a bit too milky for me. We then went round the place again and then once we were finished, we headed back to the café counter to choose a cake to take home. I was impressed that there were vegan and gluten-free options available. Tracy opted for a huge slab of gluten-free mango cake, which she really enjoyed, and I picked up a vegan brownie, which was rather disappointing, unfortunately!
DSC 0178ed
Overall, we both had a great time and each made a couple of purchases. One great factor is that you can haggle a little on the prices! We are planning on re-visiting in a couple of months' time.
I purchased this huge, rustic heart lantern for just £10, down from £12, which was a complete bargain! I have wanted a large lantern for ages, but was put off by the prices online, which started at around £35. I also picked up this wooden crate, which, after a quick search on Google, appears to have come from a winery in Pauillac, France, and was used to store bottles of year 2000 wine, making it a good sixteen years old! I'm currently using this to store all of my recycled glass jars and bottles, which I shall be using as food storage. I got this for £12, down from £15. When I got home around 3pm, I had lots of cleaning to attend to, plus food prep for the evening.
I sat down late afternoon for a latte and the vegan brownie. I'm hoping to try my own vegan brownie recipe and see if I can do any better! I enjoyed a meatless roast for dinner and a slice of toffee pecan roulade for dessert - I was so full! We watched The Interview with Dean's parents and I did some blogging after they'd left. I went to bed early, read for a while, then fell promptly asleep!

On Sunday, we had a slow, relaxing start to the morning, not doing much. After lunch, we decided to drive to a little woodland car park just outside of Okeford Fitzpaine and embark on an 8 mile walk to Bulbarrow Hill.
We had lots of muddy puddles to navigate around and a lot of the walking was on the quiet country roads, but we enjoyed wonderful views the whole way. When we finally made it to Bulbarrow Hill, it was totally worth it - the views were stunning! Dean befriended some dairy cows, I got a minor electric shot from yet another fence without warning signs, we saw some huge pigs, cute cows, lots of dogs, a pheasant and a couple of ponies and horses.
The weather stayed warm and sunny throughout and we both caught the sun a little on our faces. It was really great to be outdoors for a good three hours or so, although we were both pretty exhausted when we got back! We didn't have much for tea and in the evening, I phoned my parents and chatted for a while, before watching an episode of Attack On Titan and then two episodes of Impractical Jokers. I enjoyed trying this Jim Beam bourbon with coke - I couldn't resist picking it up a while back, as it had maple syrup in it! Then it was time for bed!

What did you get up to over the weekend?