11 March 2016

My February At A Glance

In A Nutshell:
February flew by in a flash. We watched lots of films and had a couple of take-aways, inviting friends over one evening for pizza and a game of Cards Against Humanity. We had lots of really cold, winter days and I enjoyed having fresh flowers around to brighten up the dull days. I finally got my hair chopped off, too! We spent the end of February visiting family in Scotland, which was really lovely. We had a few snow days there as well! You can read about our trip here.

Cinema Trips:
Deadpool - We really enjoyed Deadpool; it was very humorous and literally spoke to the audience. There was action, grit and romance. Even if you're not the biggest superhero genre fan, I'd definitely recommend checking out this fun movie! ★★★

Films Watched:

Misery - This is one of my favourite films; I love the winter setting and Kathy Bates plays her character perfectly. ★★★
Voices - This was really something quite different, especially for Ryan Reynolds; almost a dark comedy, with an interesting plot. Plus, talking pets! ★★★
Maggie - We love the zombie genre. But we love unusual, different takes on the zombie genre even more. This film follows Maggie, a teenage girl who contracts the zombie virus, amidst an outbreak. I loved that the authorities in the film seemed to have everything under control and the unlike most zombie films, the whole world hadn't gone to shit! This is quite a touching story with great cinematography. ★★★
Step Brothers - This is one of our fave comedies to watch! Full of fun, laughs and a sweet story. ★★★
Snowpiercer - The plot of this film was really intriguing and we did enjoy it, although I felt like it was missing something. I loved Tilda Swinton's weird character and the twist at the end. ★★★
The Bad Education Movie - I like Jack Whitehall, but this film was a bit of a let-down. It had some good laughs, but overall we weren't too impressed. ★★
Paper Towns - This quirky film was enjoyable, but nothing amazing. It had comedy, drama and mystery, but it's not a film I'd feel compelled to watch again. ★★★
Unconscious - The plot of this film sounded intriguing, but unfortunately it didn't deliver. I loved the retro style of the film, but the character development and backstories were lacking, leaving us confused by the end. ★★

Books Read:
The Missing and the Dead by Stuart Macbride - I did enjoy this book, but the different setting for character Logan was a little underwhelming, although it was fun to read about places I've visited and lived in. The main story was good and there were a couple of side-stories, too. I just felt like I wanted something more from it. ★★★

How was your February?


  1. You look great with the new hair cut, it really suits you.
    I really love the picture of the sunset - so beautiful! :) x

    1. Thanks, Emily! :) The purple sunset was really amazing to see! xxx

  2. Lovely post Em! Glad you enjoyed Deadpool, it looked humorous from the trailer. It’s fun to see the films you have been watching and there’s a few there I haven’t heard of but sound intriguing. I watched Paper towns too, I bought it on DVD and I quite enjoyed it. I agree with Emily, you suit your new hair, its lovely! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Thanks, Helen! Surprisingly we've barely watched any films this month, so far. Lots of good TV shows on, though. :) My hair is in much better condition since being cut and much more manageable! xxx


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