24 February 2016

The Weekly Wish List

1. PHB Avocado & Camellia Gentle Face Mask, £17.50/100ml
My sensitive skin loves avocado, so this gentle face mask sounds perfect!
2. Moorish Stoneware Barcelona Small Tea Cup, £8.95
Isn't this little tea cup so pretty?! I love the warm colours in the pattern.
3. House Doctor The Jug Vase, £9
I think this tall, slim vase would look lovely with fresh flowers inside. It would instantly freshen up a small, unused space.
4. Forever 21 Belted Paisley Print Dress, £19
This pretty paisley print dress is making me feel all summery! I love paisley prints.
5. A'kin Lavender & Anthyliss Leave-in Conditioner, £12 £9.99
I love a good hair treatment and with lavender and avocado, this one sounds great!
6. Botanicals Rose & Camellia Cleansing Melt, £20/60ml
Cleansing melts/balms are so luxurious and wonderful at removing stubborn make-up and daily grime; this rose and camellia one sounds lovely.

What's at the top of your wish list this week?

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