09 February 2016

My Weekend In Pictures

When I got home in the morning after my last night shift (yay!), which was surprisingly quiet, I decided to bite the bullet and order myself some medicated cream for the dermatitis on my hands. I really wanted to avoid this and stick to natural products, but the reality is that they didn't work for me, at least on this occasion. I put it off for so long and have suffered with sore, itchy, dry, cracked, weeping and bleeding hands for weeks - I didn't want to break my own rules about using non-natural products, but sometimes you need to stop being silly and do what is best for your health! I couldn't wait till it arrived and I could finally heal my hands, in a matter of days. I also added a pair of cotton gloves to the order, as the ones I purchased from EcoTools were, simply put, crap! They had holes in them on the very first day I wore them and they were far too short for me; £4.99 wasted. The new ones were a great fit and cost a mere £2.69.
I cursed myself when I woke up after 3pm, as I'd forgotten to set an alarm for around midday, which is when I like to get up after my last night shift, as it helps get me back into a normal sleeping pattern. Also, I really wanted to film my January Favourites video, which was long overdue. But, alas, it didn't quite pan out how I'd planned! So, I got up and had a hot decaf coffee and a Creme Egg, because why not?!

I treated my poorly hands to a nice treat with this very fresh and fragrant Botanicals Lemongrass & Ginger Hand Soak* (full review coming soon) while watching Eastenders, then applied Madara's Brightening AHA Peel Mask before I went off for a shower. I'm loving this Lavera Mango & Avocado Colour & Shine Shampoo - it smells so fruity and makes my hair lovely and shiny. I spent two hours of the evening chatting to one of my sisters on the phone, then watched Pretty Little Liars till midnight, while painting my nails with these awesome Little Ondine polishes (please excuse my horrible mitts!)!

What a miserable, wet and windy day Saturday was! Despite this, I picked my friend up at 10am and we went off to Sherborne for a spot of shopping. We went into our favourite shop, Naturalife, and I picked up some Faith In Nature essentials and something to quench my thirst before the drive home! I had planned to film my January Favourites when I got back, but I couldn't be bothered, plus daylight is non-existent at the moment! I instead watched some soaps and browsed on the Dorothy Perkins website, as they had a promotion on. We had stir-fry for dinner and then I phoned my other sister, who recently gave birth to my newest niece, Anna - she's just five weeks old! I can't wait to meet her in two weeks' time! We watched Making A Murderer and I stayed up really late reading my book.

Sundays are meant for lie-ins and I did myself bloody proud, haha! My day was spent filming My January Favourites and doing housework. It was really bright and sunny for most of the day, which was a nice surprise! We had Dean's parents over for a takeaway in the evening. I wanted to go to the chip shop, but totally forgot it's shut on Sundays! Damn. I instead had a margherita pizza and cheesy chips. The weather turned quite stormy in the evening and throughout the night. We watched Step Brothers with the in-laws and Snowpiercer later in the evening, eating reduced, Christmas-themed Choco Bons, as you do.

*items kindly sent for review purposes; all thoughts and opinions are, and always will be, my own.


  1. We watched Snowpiercer at the weekend too!! It's such a good film isn't it - Totally different to anything I've seen before :-) I love these posts from you Emma. I love having a nosey at what you've been up to and the products you've been using.

    1. We really enjoyed Snowpiercer; definitely something different! Great concept. Thanks so much, Claire! Hope you had a good weekend. :) xxx

  2. What hand lotion did you go for? We sometimes get samples in at work (which I could maybe pass on...) xx

    1. Thanks, Laura! I got Eumovate cream, as it was a bit cheaper and less hassle than getting my prescription, which is Betnovate ointment. The Eumovate cream is okay, but the ointment is better, so may have to get it anyway! xxx

  3. Lovely read Emma, thanks for sharing! Your shopping trip sounded fun, I don’t think I’ve heard of Naturalife before will have to look out for it sometime! I’m really intrigued by Snowpiercer, sounds like it could be excellent, I’m trying to branch out on what film genres I watch. On another note if you want to I would love for you to share your top tips/experiences on blog layout and design in a blogpost, I’m still learning and don’t know a great deal. Sending best wishes for an awesome week! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you, Helen! It's a really lovely natural wholefoods shop. I'm not sure I know enough to write a blog post, but do let me know if I can give you any pointers for your own blog - I'd be happy to help! I make my own basic designs and know basic HTML etc, which helps. :) xxx


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