14 February 2016

My Week In Pictures

I really couldn't be bothered to get out of bed on Monday, but I did, eventually! I watched Call The Midwife in the morning and then spent my day blogging, tidying and watching episodes of The Good Wife. The weather was pretty wild and miserable again and at one point, the electric threatened to go out, but thankfully didn't. Our internet connection was pretty poor, too. I had leftover pizza for lunch and I made a garlic and spring onion pesto pasta dish for dinner, served with BBQ tiger cheese bread - an ASDA discovery! We watched episodes of Red Dwarf, Attack On Titan and Parks and Recreation - all Dean's choices.

We actually had a bright and sunny (albeit cold) day on Tuesday! I didn't really get myself motivated till midday, then I did some washing-up and filmed my most recent haul video. It hailed and rained just before I filmed it! I then played Tomb Raider (definitive edition) on the XBOX One for about three hours! Really got back into it and once I've completed it again, I'll be moving onto the newest TR game, Rise Of The Tomb Raider!
I made a mini roast for dinner; nut roast, roast potatoes, carrots and vegetable gravy. I called my friend from Scotland in the evening and then we made pancakes! We followed Gizzi Erskine's foolproof recipe and guess what? It really is foolproof! I topped my pancakes with Nutella and fresh strawberries, while Dean went traditional with lemon juice and sugar. We watched some Red Dwarf and when Dean went to bed, I watched the new episode of Happy Valley.

I had to be up and organised by 10am, as we had someone coming round to carry out a gas check to renew the certificate for the property. Dean went off to Bristol early morning with his walking buddies to go and buy their equipment and do fun stuff; I was left behind on my lonesome. Boo! The gas man was a bit late, but I caught up on blog-reading while he was here and when he left, I took some photos, as it was lovely and bright! I had a lovely latte machiatto in my new glass mug and a Tunnock's tea cake on the side, while I watched an episode of Shetland. I had soup for lunch, while catching up with Eastenders and blogging. Oh, and my Dorothy Perkins order arrived! I couldn't wait to slip on my new boots. I played Tomb Raider for a while and when Dean got back, he went and got me chips and onion rings from the chip shop, yay! You can't beat chipper chips.

I got my hair chopped off on Thursday! It was well overdue, and I mean well overdue! I even booked my next haircut for ten weeks' time before I left, so I've got no excuse! It felt so much lighter and healthier, plus super short! The scarves will be out in full force till Summer now. I watched some TV and had some hummus with bread sticks for lunch. I was feeling chilly, so I made myself a Chococino Caramel hot chocolate in my new glass mug to warm me up! We popped to Tesco in the late afternoon to pick up a few items to keep us going for the next two weeks, before we leave for Scotland. I made cottage pie for dinner, served with a mozzarella and tomato bread. We watched Supernatural, I did some blogging and then played Tomb Raider. My sister told me about Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners on Channel 4, so I started watching that when Dean went to bed! All the episodes are available on 4OD, so they'll keep me occupied for a while.

My little order from PHB arrived on Friday morning. I needed to replace an old lip gloss and get some foundation, as my usual Lily Lolo "China Doll" had run out weeks ago, so I'd been mixing their flawless matte finishing powder with their "Blondie" shade, which on its own is too dark for me. As PHB had a few items discounted, I thought I'd try their mineral foundation out. I went for the shade "Cream", which is their most popular shade for fair skins. My main reason for switching foundations is that I want to use one that does not contain carmine, and a lot of natural foundations do unfortunately contain or "may contain" it. PHB lists each and every one of their ingredients, along with a little description of its purpose; there's no "may contain" about it! I love their ethics. I wanted a neutral lip gloss, so went for the shade "Grace". I trawled through the ironing pile while watching some more Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners, then had some crumpets for lunch and watched an episode of Stella. That OCCleaners show is good for motivation - I did all the washing up, sorted laundry and cleaned the bathroom in the afternoon! We had a sweet chilli stir fry for dinner and watched The Bad Education Movie, which was quite silly, but had a few funny bits in it. I wore my new foundation to work and first impressions are not great; I think it's actually a tad too pale and it sort of sank into my skin throughout the night. I'll have to work on my base and see if that helps!

What did you get up to this week?


  1. All these food pictures are giving me serious envy because I've gone vegan for the month!!! Oh what I would do for some cheesy garlic bread...

    I love your shorter hair too!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    1. Aww, well done! I love cheese and chocolate too much to go full vegan! And thank you about the hair. :) xxx

  2. My husband looooves Red Dwarf. He's constantly quoting the show...and I usually have no idea what he's talking about!

    The shorter hair looks fab on you. I have shorter hair and have always been chin length and above for as long as I can remember...I'm pretty low maintenance. It's slightly longer than my chin right now and that feels long to me. But imposing to persevere. I miss a ponytail dearly.

    We watched Occupied on Netflix this weekend and really enjoyed it. I'm in Canada, but I tend to like European shows.


    1. Haha, I remember watching it as a child! Thanks so much; the shorter length is much more manageable. I love a good Netflix watch! xxx

  3. Those daffodils look pretty, I can’t wait for spring! I’m glad you are getting into Tomb Raider, it’s such a good game. Love your hair by the way, it’s really chic and suits you. I’ve watched bits and bobs of Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners, I actually find tidying and cleaning therapeutic. I agree watching that kind of thing is so motivating, I tend to go on YouTube for tidying my room videos as I find that helps lol. Would you recommend Parks and Recreation? It never took my fancy but heard good things. Looks like you had a nice week! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. I think daffodils make a room so much fresher and brighter, due to their colour. Thank you, I'm loving how low maintenance my hair is now. I feel so much better after a de-clutter and deep-clean! I didn't even know those videos existed, haha! I wasn't that keen on Parks and Recreation at first, but it's something I don't mind watching while eating dinner and I don't have to concentrate on it too much - it does have some funny bits in it. Hope you're enjoying your weekend! xxx


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