13 February 2016

5 Last Minute, Purse-friendly Valentine's Day Ideas

Instead of forking out a ton of money on a bouquet of roses and a fancy meal in a restaurant, why not save your pennies, ditch the commercialism and enjoy Valentine's Day your way!
1. Celebrate at home with an easy home-cooked meal; make it more fun by making your own pizzas!
2. Have a carpet picnic; stock up your picnic hamper with your favourite snacks and drinks (perhaps sticking to a particular theme) and get the blanket and some cushions out in your lounge! Who said picnics had to be outdoors?! Switch off all the technology and just enjoy each others company.
3. Take a long walk in a favourite spot, bringing along a flask of indulgent hot chocolate to keep you warm! You could use this opportunity to snap some updated photos of the both of you in a meaningful setting.
4. Light some candles, pick out your favourite films and have a movie night with popcorn, chocolate and a beverage of your choice.
5. If you'll be on your lonesome on Valentine's Day, take this opportunity to just relax and have a head-to-toe pamper with your favourite beauty products, eat your favourite food and have a Netflix binge!

How will you be spending your Sunday?


  1. Love this!! I've just read a similar post but it was titled along the lines of Valentines gifts £300+ and my eyeballs nearly fell out! Ha. I'm totally with you on the ditching commercialism thing. We've bought each other cards and that's about it, we'll probably go out with the dog & take a flask and some snacks. If the weather permits that is! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

    1. Thank you, Claire! Wow, that is expensive! Hope the weather plays ball and have a great day! xxx

  2. Oooh great post Em! The rose lemonade looks so good and I really like your Valentine’s ideas. A carpet picnic is a fun one, that’s on my bucket list he he. Taking updated pictures is a fab idea too, I’m always snapping away but sometimes forgot to capture important moments with loved ones. I’m single this Valentine’s but have enjoyed the festivities through my hobbies such as reading related blog posts, having a movie marathon and baking. Sending my best wishes to you and Dean! :-) xxx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you, Helen! Yes, I really want to to the carpet picnic idea soon. I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow and thank you for your wishes. :) xxx


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