27 January 2016

The Weekly Wish List

1. SOREL Tofino Herringbone Snow Boots, $160 $119.90
I know I don't exactly need snow boots, but boots for winter weather walking would be great, right? Aren't these boots amazing?! I love everything about the design!
2. Forage & Find Geometric Moonstone Triangle Necklace, £10
I love unusual jewellery and this moonstone triangle necklace would be a great addition to my collection.
3. Benecos Natural Powder Blush in Mallow Rose, £5.95/5.5g
This Mallow Rose shade looks so pretty! I could do with a new blush and this one is really affordable.
4. Divine Milk Chocolate with Caramel & Espresso Nibs, £2.19/100g
This sounds, well, divine! I love coffee-flavoured things and I love caramel, so I really want to try this chocolate bar.
5. Neal's Yard Remedies Apricot Oil, £10.50
I'm starting to love using oils in my skincare and apricot oil sounds like another lovely choice.
6. Dunelm Mill Purity 2 Drawer Tower, £29.99
I'd love some new storage for our toiletries and two of these side-by-side would look lovely! You know how much I love grey.

What's at the top of your wish list this week?


  1. Oh man, that chocolate sounds incredible! xx

    1. Sure does! Hope I can sample some soon! :) xxx

  2. You can't go wrong with snow boots! I bought mine from Timberland at a designer outlet close to me & they were a bargain so if you have anything like that close to you, I'd definitely recommend. Even though you're not going to get loads of wear out of them throughout the year, when you do need them, they really do come in useful! I absolutely love mine :-) We've got those drawers in our bathroom too! Great taste! We've got the bigger ones though, I've got 4 drawers & Dan's got 1. Ha! I have too much stuff!

    1. I'll definitely keep an eye out in the sales! I've just got myself a gorgeous parka - finally! - and these boots would look awesome with it, haha. There was a double set of 2 side-by-side, but I can't see them online now :( I love anything grey! xxx

  3. The benecos blusher is so pretty. I want to try some of their eyeliners too x

    1. I've not tried any of their products, so would love to pick some up soon! :) xxx


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