25 January 2016

My Weekend In Pictures

Saturday was a very productive day; I was up bright and early (well, for the weekend, anyway!) at 8:30am and made myself a lovely breakfast of Coco Pops (well, why not?!) with coconut milk, fresh strawberries with organic vanilla yoghurt and red velvet coffee. I sat and watched an episode of Scottish crime drama, Shetland, while I ate. I caught up on emails e.t.c., then had a quick shower. I made my first ever batch of homemade granola! It turned out really well and I'll be sharing the recipe soon.
I then filmed my first video haul of the month/year - twice, as the first one was too blurry! When the light began to fade around 4pm, I closed up and was going to do the washing up - with my brand new scrubbing brush from Greener Cleaner, which is made from sustainable wood and recycled plastic. It also features a cute, little gecko, stamped on the handle - but we ran out of gas, so I had no hot water, boo! It was pizza for tea and some chocolate for afters. We watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine and I did some blogging. I also decided to create a separate Instagram account solely for my photography work. If you'd like to check it out, you can find my photos @eeverleighphotography. I was going to go to bed quite early and read my book before falling asleep, but I had to make the bed e.t.c., so it delayed me!

I was up just after 8am on Sunday, had a shower and got myself ready, as we were going to Yeovil for breakfast at McDonald's (something we do very rarely). We didn't leave till 10am and with literally three minutes to spare until the breakfasts stopped at 10:30am, we got there! Thankfully there weren't many slow drivers on the way, haha. I had several hash browns (I love them!) and an egg McMuffin. We then browsed the shops in town, picked up a treat in Gregg's, popped into Tesco and then TK Maxx. Dean got a great deal on some lovely Firetrap boots from USC and I spotted a gorgeous Soul Cal parka, which was only available in size 6! But luckily, I found my size on the website when I got home and ordered one straight away, yay! It was originally £100 and I snapped it up for just £35! I hope I love it; a parka has been on my wish list for years. We got home around 2:30pm and after putting the shopping away, I made myself a coffee and sat down to watch some soaps.
Outfit Details:
Forever 21 Cable Knit Turtleneck Sweater
F&F @ Tesco Performance Stretch Skinny Jeans
JustFab Knee High Buckle Detail Boots
Nica Handbag
Forever 21 Necklace

I later changed (my top half), straightened my hair and touched-up my make-up before we set off for a local pub in East Stour. We dined at The King's Arms Inn for my mother-in-law's birthday. I had a starter of potato and leek soup and macaroni cheese for my main, with chips. Everyone else had a carvery for their main. The soup was lovely. The macaroni was nice, but just too heavy and saucy for me. We didn't bother with puddings. I like the Scottish heritage about the place - the owners are from Scotland - but it was really busy, noisy and so hot! I'd like to return on a quieter week night, though. As Robbie Burns' night was coming up, it was quite nice to have that Scottish touch! When we got back, I mostly spent time updating my photography IG account and did some blogging. I of course had to read more HP before bed!

What did you get up to at the weekend?


  1. Fun post, these are addictive to read! Your homemade granola recipe looks so good, look forward to a recipe post. Will definitely have to check out your photography Instagram page, such a cool idea! Ah I haven’t had a MacDonald’s in ages but it’s my guilty pleasure! I love their fries and milkshakes so much :-) Your pub meal on Sunday sounds lovely too! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you, Helen! I love the vanilla milkshake at McDonald's. :) xxx

  2. That sweater looks super cosy! I look forward to reading your granola recipe. :) x

    1. It is very cosy! Thanks, I've been enjoying it for breakfast this week. :) xxx


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