11 January 2016

My Weekend In Pictures

Firstly, I'd like to announce the safe arrival of my new niece, Anna Grace Kandias, born 4th January, weighing 6lbs 11oz. Isn't she cute?! Very proud of my little sister, Kathryn. And I can't wait to meet little Anna next month!


On Saturday, I did lots of housework and caught up on some blogging and TV shows. Then, we had our two friends round for the evening and they stayed over. We got some snacks ready and I lit one of the candles I got for Christmas - it's by Flamingo Candles and has a gorgeous rose & marshmallow scent, which filled the room with fragrance. We enjoyed a Chinese take-away and listened to lots of music and chatted, then we played our first ever game of Cards Against Humanity. Amazing. Hilarious. Loved it! Guess who won? Oh yes, it was me. Should I be proud of that...? We can't wait to play it again with even more people! We had a toffee and pecan roulade for dessert and I drank toffee cider. We ended the night around 2:30am.

Dean and I were up first, around 9:30am. We waited until our guests arose around an hour later and then started preparing breakfast - or rather, Dean did, while I went off to have a shower. We ended up having a late cooked breakfast (veggie version for me and Tracy) with bacon, eggs, hash browns, baked beans and toast, while listening to more music. When our guests had left early afternoon, Dean and I went into Yeovil to pick up a few items. I picked up a new diary in This Works for RRP £5.99 £3 and these two Deep Steep argan oil body washes from TK Maxx; both are festive editions, with scents of sugar candy apple and sugar plum. The RRP is $11.95/502ml each and I picked them up for just £3 each, so I was really pleased as they will last ages! I really like the fun, festive packaging. I finally, after much deliberation, purchased a new phone. I've had a second-hand iPhone 4 for the last few years and just pay-as-you-go, costing me an optional £10 per month for everything I need. My phone's performance has been declining rapidly for quite some time, so I decided that I deserved a brand new phone, and opted for a monthly contract, which is just over £20 per month for an iPhone 5s - still behind the times, but it's a very welcome upgrade to my current phone and I can't wait to try it out! I'm particularly looking forward to a better camera quality and I've also switched from O2 to EE, which should give me better overall coverage. I've already purchased a couple of pretty, new cases! I ordered my new phone via The Carphone Warehouse website, and it should be arriving on Monday! I chatted to my eldest sister on the phone in the evening for a catch-up and then went to bed to read my book; I'm currently re-reading the whole Harry Potter series!


  1. Seems like you had a really lovely weekend. Your new niece Anna is so adorable, congrats on being an Aunt!! The Deep Steep products your purchased sounds amazing, I love the packaging too! You always pick up the best things In TKMaxx, I don’t visit as often as we don’t have one very close. Hope you are enjoying reading the Harry Potter series. At the mo I’m reading Caroline Flacks autobiography and loving it!! Great post! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you, Helen! TK Maxx is like a wonderous treasure trove for natural beauty bargains and unique homewares - I love it! Really loving reading the HP series again and remembering bits I'd forgotten, which are not included in the films. xxx


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