03 January 2016

My Week In Pictures

Oh, Monday; you weren't very nice, were you? My mood dropped considerably on Monday - this often happens after Christmas (call it post-Christmas blues) - and I slept till midday, which is obviously what my body needed. I had a long, hot bath and started another Cotswolds mysteries book. Dean and I did our own thing during the day (I blogged and watched Eastenders), then made a start on the Daniel Craig Bond movie collection I got for Christmas and watched Casino Royale. I ate rubbish all day and sampled some new ice-cream from Green & Black's, which was very nice! I read till late in bed.

I didn't sleep brilliantly, but I forced myself to get up at around 9:20am and had a healthy breakfast of porridge with aguaje powder* and cacao nibs*, Pukka detox tea and a decaf coffee. I watched an episode of Eastenders and browsed online for a while. I was very pleased to see blue, sunny skies! After showering and getting myself ready, I popped into town to run a few errands at the bank and post office. I regretted wearing a jumper and winter coat, as I was boiling! By the time I'd gotten back, it was nearly 1:30pm, so time for lunch! I had a bowl of basil pesto pasta with onions, garlic and sun-dried tomatoes and I watched the very last episode of Downton Abbey, which I'd been putting off, since it was the last ever one and I will miss it! It was such a lovely episode and a really wonderful show. We had dinner at the in-laws' and watched Elf. We watched an episode of Trollied and Gotham when we got back. I stayed up a little longer and watched Ghost Adventures, then read my book before going to sleep.

It was back to wet and very windy weather on Wednesday, with very dull light all day. I tried out the new body scrub I received for Christmas in the shower and treated my skin to a mud mask, then spent the morning doing housework. When I was getting chilly and hungry, I had a toasted cheese and onion chutney sandwich for lunch and caught up completely on Eastenders, and on some blogs! Dean went out to the cinema in the evening to see the new Star Wars movie, so I stayed home and watched Did You Hear About The Morgans? and had a lovely chococino hot chocolate with some Freedom vanilla marshmallows which were a Christmas gift. I had a pizza for tea and watched P.S. I Love You.

On Thursday, the weather was awful! We had so much rain that many areas were flooded. I spent most of the day watching Coronation Street and clearing my BlogLovin' feed. It was just the two of us in the evening to welcome the new year. I tried mixing elderflower cordial and champagne, but it was awful! I'm really not a wine/champagne lover. I opted for a Disaronno & Coke instead. We also had some salted caramel cake. We watched some episodes of Gotham and then the movie, John Wick. We stayed up to see in the new year at midnight.

How did you see in the New Year?


  1. I look forward to these series of posts by you, they remind me a bit of a YouTube Vlog or a journal/diary. They are fun to read! I was interested to see the products you used on Wednesday, I’m a sucker for nice/contemporary packaging. Your food shots make me so hungry!! Hope you are having a nice week so far! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Aww, thank you, Helen! :) I'm working this week, so looking forward to Friday when I'm off again! xxx

  2. lovely post ! That cake looks amazing I would be happy to put my face in it really :)



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