31 January 2016

My January At A Glance

In A Nutshell:
I love that January felt like a slow-burner of a month; nothing felt rushed or hectic, like it's predecessor, December. I also love that the weather took a dip in temperatures, finally embracing a proper winter. I was really jealous of everywhere that had snow - we didn't see one measly snowflake in Dorset. I slowly introduced more healthy eating habits into my diet, increasing my intake of fresh fruit and vegetables and home-cooked meals (although, my love of chocolate never ceases). I also upped my skincare game and shared my winter skincare saviours with you. I was also very well-behaved when it came to spending - I didn't buy lots of unnecessary items and focused on finishing up current beauty products and buying essentials only, minus some great value sales purchases. We got rather excited at the prospect of renting a detached stone cottage in a lovely, quiet village just 10 minutes drive away, but were disappointed that it wasn't quite what we were hoping for (the wood-burner stove and pets allowed almost swayed us...). We are still on the look-out, but also saving towards a deposit to buy a property in the future. Job wise, there were a few vacancies that caught my eye and I applied for a position at Neal's Yard Remedies HQ, but unfortunately didn't hear anything back from them.
We went out for a couple of meals in January and had a couple of cinema trips, but I would have liked to get outdoors more; I know that goal will be reached during February/March, while we are visiting family in Scotland for two weeks. Oh, and I also made a separate Instagram account for my photography work, which you can find @eeverleighphotography.

Cinema Trips:
Daddy's Home - Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg work really well together and this movie didn't disappoint; it was really funny in places and the story worked well. ☆★★★
The Revenant - Although this film is just short of three hours long, it didn't feel this long at all, which is always a good thing! Although the story itself is slow, it's meant to be and this works very well. The cinematography is truly breath-taking and really beautiful. The story, which is based on true events, is unbelievably shocking, yet thrilling to watch. Leonardo DiCaprio has truly outdone himself and I will be shocked if he does not (finally!) win an Oscar for this performance. We've only just begun 2016, but I know this will be in my top 5 films of the year! ★★★★

Films Watched:

Get Hard - We're big Will Ferrell fans and hadn't previously seen this movie. It was silly but very funny in places. ☆★★★
Indiana Jones and The Raiders Of The Lost Ark - Dean forced me to watch this, but it was actually pretty good! Plus, a young Harrison Ford? Not too shabby! ☆★★★
Angela's Ashes - This film tells the true tale of Frank McCourt, an Irish-American Catholic boy who spends the majority of his childhood in poverty-stricken Ireland in the 1930's. The opening scenes of the lashing rain on the old, cobblestone streets are very poignant and sets us up for the story to come. ★★★★
Panic Room - After a Mother and daughter move in to their huge, new home in New York, they find themselves having to hole up in the hidden panic room on their very first night, when three intruders turn up and break into their home. The only problem is, what they want is in the panic room! ☆★★★
White Oleander - This was a film I'd not previously watched, and I quite enjoyed it. It tells the story of  Astrid; her Mother, an artist, is sent to prison for committing a crime of passion, and this leaves Astrid alone, without any family, so she ends up in a series of foster homes, each with questionable female role models.  ☆★★★
The Bourne Identity - Matt Damon stars as Jason Bourne in this action thriller, where Jason is suffering from amnesia and has no idea who or what he is. When he begins to display skills that only a trained professional would be capable of, he starts to investigate himself to uncover the truth. ☆★★★
The Wolf Of Wall Street - Another great performance from the lovely Leo! This film is based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, showcasing his rise and fall of of becoming a wealthy stock-broker. His corruption and abusive lifestyle soon catches up with him. Whenever I watch this, I just cannot get over Jonah Hill's character's teeth, haha! ☆★★★★

Books Read:
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by J.K. Rowling - This is where the magical world of Harry Potter begins and I adore it! It is a wonderfully imaginative story and it sucks you in immediately. ★★★★
Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets by J.K. Rowling - I love the introduction to Dobby the House Elf in this second book and the adventure to Hogwarts in the Ford Anglia is great! ☆★★★★
Harry Potter and the Prisoner Of Azkaban - In this third book is where things start to get serious and secrets and lies come to light. Sirius Black is a great character and it's interesting to hear of his childhood at Hogwarts, along with Harry Potter's father, James. ☆★★★★
22 Dead Little Bodies & Other Stories by Stuart Macbride - I love the Logan McCrae novels, so I was interested to read this collection of short stories. Each story was really good, but it wasn't completely clear when one had ended and the next started. One story was told from DCI Steel's point of view, which was interesting, but I was itching to get back to Logan's story-telling! ☆★★★

I hope you had a good first month of the year and I hope you enjoyed the new layout of this monthly post!

30 January 2016

My Week In Pictures

I didn't plan on getting up till 10am, but was up after 9am. I had breakfast and a quick shower and once I was ready, I had some errands to run in town. When I got back, I had some washing up and laundry to sort out, and then I had my lunch. We also sampled the Sweater Weather peanut butter brittle ground coffee we picked up in TK Maxx on Sunday, but weren't overly impressed with it. I think I'd rather find a really good ground coffee and add my own syrups to it. I had some emails to respond to and some online shopping to attend to (all essentials, I promise!), then I cocooned myself in bed, with the electric blanket on, before 4pm to watch Call The Midwife, smother my hands in organic shea butter and eat some chocolate - life goals accomplished, right?
I also made a start on a new blog design, before trying to decide what to whip up for dinner. I decided to make a light basil pesto dish with garlic, spring onion, chopped tomatoes and chives, garnished with rocket and served with a warm, crusty roll. We watched The Bourne Identity and an episode of Supernatural.

I had a lie in on Tuesday, had homemade granola with fresh strawberries and organic vanilla yoghurt for breakfast, a long shower and then had to pop into town early afternoon. I had cream of tomato soup with onion batons for a late lunch and watched some TV. I did some blogging and we had a late snacky tea. We watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Get Santa before bed and ate some Green & Black's ice-cream, although I'm not too keen on this variety. I finished reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner Of Azkaban before I went to sleep! It's great re-reading the Harry Potter series!

I was up at 9am on Wednesday and had lots of boring housework to do, so that's what I did until around 1pm, when I then sat down for some lunch. I made myself a Mexican cheese toastie with organic sliced tomatoes and a sprinkle of rocket on top and watched part 2 of Silent Witness. I browsed online for a while, then watched The Good Wife. We had homemade lasagne for dinner with salad, then watched Misery and an episode of Gotham.

Outfit Details:
MRP Snakeskin Print Dip Hem Top
F&F @ Tesco Skinny Jeans
JustFab Knee High Buckle Boots

After breakfast and showering e.t.c., it was a lovely and bright day, so I took the opportunity to snap a few blog photos. At 2pm, I went to meet my friend after finishing work and we went for an hour's walk along the trailway to catch up. I wore my new, fluffy parka, which is just gorgeous and really cosy! We went back to mine for a coffee to warm us up, as it was quite chilly outside.
At around 6:15pm, Dean and I left to collect a couple of friends and make our way to Dorchester. We met a couple more friends there and dined at Zizzi; it was Dean and I's first time eating there and while the food was really good, our mains took such a long time to arrive that we couldn't have dessert and had to rush off to the cinema as soon as we'd finished eating - they did apologise and offer free coffees, but we couldn't even accept them as we'd have been late for our film! Luckily, I had some salted caramel popcorn with me! We watched The Revenant at the cinema and got home just after midnight!

I always hope to have a lie in on Friday morning, because I start back at work on a Friday night, so could do with the extra sleep. But, I always get woken up by the bin men at around 8:30pm and then all I hear is noisy neighbours with their noisy children outside! Oh, and dogs barking, of course. Anyway, I had a quick shower and tidy up when I got up, as I was expecting the estate agent round at midday to carry out a property inspection, which is done at least every six months, much to my dismay. Well, they didn't turn up (same as last Friday!) in the end, which is really annoying. So, I spent most of my day watching TV and editing blog posts. We had enchiladas for dinner and watched Wolf Of Wall Street. It was back to work for me at midnight and we had an awful shift!

What did you get up to during the week?

28 January 2016

Handmade Naturals Organic Avocado & Plum Face Cleansing Lotion

Handmade Naturals Organic Avocado & Plum Face Cleansing Lotion, £7.75/100ml

If you watched my latest haul video, then you will know that I purchased a few items from new-to-me brand, Handmade Naturals. Today, I am talking about one of those products - the avocado & plum cleansing lotion.

The plastic packaging is clean, minimal and simplistic, and it can be recycled once empty. The lotion is dispensed via an airless pump, which keeps product wastage to a minimum and makes using the product easy and hygienic. This cleansing lotion is unscented, meaning no additional fragrance has been added to the natural ingredients, but the natural scent that comes through is a subtle marzipan fragrance, which is just a lovely surprise!

I use this cleanser two ways; if using on a bare face in the shower, I will apply it to a damp face with my fingertips, massaging it in and rinsing away gently; if using it to remove make-up or cleanse my bare face in the evening, I apply the lotion to a dry face with a re-usable cotton pad. I remove it with the cotton pad, sometimes dampening it with warm water to ensure every trace of make-up is removed. I'll usually follow this up with a spritz of rosewater toner and then apply moisturiser and/or facial oil.
The lotion is extremely gentle and pleasant to use. It has a light consistency and only 1-2 pumps are needed per application. I find it removes my make-up very well, but I do use a separate eye make-up remover, which is down to personal preference. This product contains just seven natural ingredients and is free from the usual nasty chemicals; organic and/or Fair Trade ingredients are used wherever possible and all products are certified cruelty-free. The lotion has had no ill effects on my sensitive skin and is helping to keep it clear and soft. Handmade Naturals suggest using this product if you are particularly sensitive to flower extracts and essential oils. They even suggest trying this as a light daily moisturiser, making it a multi-purpose product! I'd definitely recommend giving this cleanser a try, especially if you suffer with sensitive and/or congested skin. I feel the price point is spot-on, offering a very affordable natural option to customers.

Purified water, unrefined avocado oil, unrefined plum kernel oil, vegetable glycerine, emulsifying wax, aspen bark and vitamin E.

Have you tried anything from Handmade Naturals?

27 January 2016

The Weekly Wish List

1. SOREL Tofino Herringbone Snow Boots, $160 $119.90
I know I don't exactly need snow boots, but boots for winter weather walking would be great, right? Aren't these boots amazing?! I love everything about the design!
2. Forage & Find Geometric Moonstone Triangle Necklace, £10
I love unusual jewellery and this moonstone triangle necklace would be a great addition to my collection.
3. Benecos Natural Powder Blush in Mallow Rose, £5.95/5.5g
This Mallow Rose shade looks so pretty! I could do with a new blush and this one is really affordable.
4. Divine Milk Chocolate with Caramel & Espresso Nibs, £2.19/100g
This sounds, well, divine! I love coffee-flavoured things and I love caramel, so I really want to try this chocolate bar.
5. Neal's Yard Remedies Apricot Oil, £10.50
I'm starting to love using oils in my skincare and apricot oil sounds like another lovely choice.
6. Dunelm Mill Purity 2 Drawer Tower, £29.99
I'd love some new storage for our toiletries and two of these side-by-side would look lovely! You know how much I love grey.

What's at the top of your wish list this week?

26 January 2016

Introducing... Viridian Nutrition

Last month, I was contacted by the lovely people at Viridian Nutrition - the leading brand of ethical vitamins and a company focused on the fundamental principles of purity, environment and charity. They wanted to offer me the chance to try some more of their products, after hearing that I'd recently purchased their White Willow Bark Capsules, but unfortunately struggled to swallow them and was looking for an alternative.
All Viridian products are certified organic by The Soil Association and many are vegan-friendly. I love their eye-pleasing packaging (isn't their tissue paper pretty?!), which is all made from recycled and/or recyclable materials; they even offer a 25p refund for each bottle returned to the health food store it was purchased from!
Viridian Organic White Willow Bark 400mg Capsules, £6.85/30 caps
I purchased the white willow capsules to replace mainstream painkillers. Luckily, I managed the first few capsules that I used. On each occasion, I was using them to reduce and calm a headache. I was really impressed at how quickly they worked and eased my headache completely, with lasting effects. Obviously, I was really annoyed at myself that I couldn't manage any more! I also encouraged my husband to try them when he had a headache and he was also really impressed at the almost immediate effect they had. I'd love to try a liquid (tincture) version of white willow.
Viridian Organic Wood Betony Tincture*, £8.60/50ml
As Viridian don't currently stock a tincture version of white willow bark, I opted for the wood betony tincture, as it claimed to have similar properties. It is suggested to add 15-30 drops to a little water or fruit juice and consume 2-3 times daily. I have only taken this when suffering from pain or discomfort and although it slowly eases symptoms, I did not find it as effective as the white willow bark capsules. Also, it tastes pretty awful! I usually go for 20 drops in a little juice, so I will start taking the full dose in future to see if it improves the effectiveness of the tincture. I'm also considering trying it as a daily supplement and seeing how that goes. I'd still like to try a tincture of the white willow bark, as although it will more than likely taste awful too, I believe it will be more effective for me.
Viridian 100% Organic Golden Flax Seed Oil*, £8.56/200ml
I also chose to try this golden flax seed oil, after learning that it is naturally high in omega-3, which is great news for vegetarians and vegans, as we don't consume fish. Flax seed oil can be taken directly for a number of ailments, but I wanted to use this in cooking. So far, I have used it in a homemade granola recipe and to cook veg in a pasta dish. It has worked well in both instances and I'm looking forward to using it more and more in the kitchen; I particularly want to try using it to cook roast potatoes! I think this is definitely a product I'd be interested in purchasing in the future.

Have you tried any of these Viridian products? They have such a huge range and there are lots I'd like to try from them - namely, their Ultimate Beauty Tea and Topical Calming Moisture Balm!

*items kindly sent for review purposes; all thoughts and opinions are, and always will be, my own.

25 January 2016

My Weekend In Pictures

Saturday was a very productive day; I was up bright and early (well, for the weekend, anyway!) at 8:30am and made myself a lovely breakfast of Coco Pops (well, why not?!) with coconut milk, fresh strawberries with organic vanilla yoghurt and red velvet coffee. I sat and watched an episode of Scottish crime drama, Shetland, while I ate. I caught up on emails e.t.c., then had a quick shower. I made my first ever batch of homemade granola! It turned out really well and I'll be sharing the recipe soon.
I then filmed my first video haul of the month/year - twice, as the first one was too blurry! When the light began to fade around 4pm, I closed up and was going to do the washing up - with my brand new scrubbing brush from Greener Cleaner, which is made from sustainable wood and recycled plastic. It also features a cute, little gecko, stamped on the handle - but we ran out of gas, so I had no hot water, boo! It was pizza for tea and some chocolate for afters. We watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine and I did some blogging. I also decided to create a separate Instagram account solely for my photography work. If you'd like to check it out, you can find my photos @eeverleighphotography. I was going to go to bed quite early and read my book before falling asleep, but I had to make the bed e.t.c., so it delayed me!

I was up just after 8am on Sunday, had a shower and got myself ready, as we were going to Yeovil for breakfast at McDonald's (something we do very rarely). We didn't leave till 10am and with literally three minutes to spare until the breakfasts stopped at 10:30am, we got there! Thankfully there weren't many slow drivers on the way, haha. I had several hash browns (I love them!) and an egg McMuffin. We then browsed the shops in town, picked up a treat in Gregg's, popped into Tesco and then TK Maxx. Dean got a great deal on some lovely Firetrap boots from USC and I spotted a gorgeous Soul Cal parka, which was only available in size 6! But luckily, I found my size on the website when I got home and ordered one straight away, yay! It was originally £100 and I snapped it up for just £35! I hope I love it; a parka has been on my wish list for years. We got home around 2:30pm and after putting the shopping away, I made myself a coffee and sat down to watch some soaps.
Outfit Details:
Forever 21 Cable Knit Turtleneck Sweater
F&F @ Tesco Performance Stretch Skinny Jeans
JustFab Knee High Buckle Detail Boots
Nica Handbag
Forever 21 Necklace

I later changed (my top half), straightened my hair and touched-up my make-up before we set off for a local pub in East Stour. We dined at The King's Arms Inn for my mother-in-law's birthday. I had a starter of potato and leek soup and macaroni cheese for my main, with chips. Everyone else had a carvery for their main. The soup was lovely. The macaroni was nice, but just too heavy and saucy for me. We didn't bother with puddings. I like the Scottish heritage about the place - the owners are from Scotland - but it was really busy, noisy and so hot! I'd like to return on a quieter week night, though. As Robbie Burns' night was coming up, it was quite nice to have that Scottish touch! When we got back, I mostly spent time updating my photography IG account and did some blogging. I of course had to read more HP before bed!

What did you get up to at the weekend?

23 January 2016

What I Bought This Week

1. Kromland Farm Organic Rooibos Vanilla Tea, £2.95/40 teabags
2. ECO Care Organic Rose & Chamomile Facial Cleansing Wipes, £4.90/25 wipes
3. Faith In Nature Intensive Moisturiser, £6.85/50ml
4. Handmade Naturals Plum & Avocado Face Cleanser, £7.75/100ml
5. Handmade Naturals Antioxidant Face & Eye Oil, £5.95/12ml
6. Handmade Naturals Calendula Care Jelly, £3.95/15ml
7. Handmade Naturals Virgin Shea Butter, £4.50/60ml

What did you purchase this week? And who knew saying "rollerball" was so hard?!

20 January 2016

The Weekly Wish List

1. The Cotton Company Star Print Blanket, £16.99
I love all things grey and this fleecy blanket has a lovely star print design and fringing detail. This would look lovely draped across our bed!
2. The Raw Chocolate Co. Vanoffee Mulberries, £5.99/125g
I've never tried mulberries and these ones are covered in raw chocolate. I think these would work really well mixed into granola for a yummy breakfast treat!
3. M&S Leopard Floral Blanket Scarf, £25
I really love the pattern on this blanket scarf; it looks truly wintery and is sure to keep the cold out.
4. TK Maxx Herringbone Storage Footstool, £59.99
This would definitely come in handy in our home and, of course, I love that it's a textured grey fabric. Concealed storage is great!
5. Living Naturally Organic Vanilla Grapefruit Coffee Smoothing Scrub, £10
This organic coffee body scrub sounds pretty delicious! It also contains avocado, which I've recently discovered my skin loves. I'm currently lacking in the body scrub department, so this would be very welcome.

What's at the top of your wish list this week?

19 January 2016

Cleanse, Nourish & Comfort: The BALMOLOGY Trial Set

One of my sisters kindly sent me this trial set for my 26th birthday last October. Having never tried any balms before, I was eager to try them out! The trial/travel set costs £17 (available here) and contains three 12g balms, allowing you the chance to try out each balm before deciding if you want to purchase a full size. Each balm is housed in a glass jar with a screw-top lid, all housed within a recyclable cardboard tube.
Neroli & Sweet Basil Cleansing Balm, £25/50g
This has to be my favourite of the bunch! It's the most useful of the three balms and I love the way it melts my make-up upon contact. It's a really lovely balm; almost whipped in texture and it has a pleasant scent. After applying the balm to my skin and massaging it in, I use a hot, damp cloth to wipe away the make-up and grime. It leaves my skin soft and moisturised. I'd definitely be interested in purchasing the full size, although I am sure there is another perfectly good cleansing balm out there for a few less pennies!
Neroli & Frankincense Beauty Balm, £28/50g
I guess this is the balm I was most excited to try, solely due to the fact that frankincense is one of my favourite scents! I must admit, this was the last balm that I tried, as I wasn't completely sure of its purpose. This does smell gorgeous and it's basically a deeply hydrating overnight treatment. It's also meant to reducing signs of ageing an improve skin texture. I wouldn't be compelled to purchase the full size of this balm, as it doesn't seem like a necessary part of my skincare regime.
Calendula & Chamomile Comfort Balm, £22/50g
This comfort balm has come in really handy for soothing any sore, dry, chapped and otherwise irritated skin. It reduces redness and calms itchiness almost immediately. The effects are really long-lasting, too. It has a thick, softened texture and only a little is needed.

What are your favourite balm products?

17 January 2016

My Winter Skincare Saviours

With winter comes dull, dry and irritable skin. I thought I'd show you the products I'm currently using to help keep my skin as happy as possible during these colder months.
Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil, £22/30ml
This rosehip oil is basically a miracle cure-all; I use it to give my facial skin a moisture boost, on irritated skin to soothe it and on my chapped, dry hands to heal and hydrate them. 
Neal's Yard Remedies Soothing Starflower Daily Moisture, £25/100ml
This facial moisturiser is great for my sensitive skin and helps keep my skin moisturised all day long. Adding a drop or two of the rosehip oil will prolong the effects and creates a smoother base for applying make-up.
Olivado Extra Virgin Avocado Oil, £4.50/250ml
This is a fairly recent purchase of mine (I bought this just before Christmas), brought to my attention by Kate over at Wild Organic Beauty. I use this as a facial cleanser and it's great at removing make-up, plus it is very hydrating and nourishing for my skin. It is a very gentle oil and it's recommended for use on blemish-prone skin. I must admit, since using it regularly, I'm certain my skin has been a little clearer! I have also used this on the ends of my hair before washing, to keep them moisturised for longer.
FoM London Age Defying Hand Scrub, £?/50g
It appears this hand scrub is unavailable to purchase separately now, but I love it! It instantly smooths dry, chapped hands and it smells incredible. Upon contact with water, the scrub turns milky and you rinse it off, leaving behind soft hands.
Butter London Handbag Holiday Cuticle Oil, £13/17ml
I know this doesn't contain the best of ingredients, but I will look for a more natural alternative in the future. This smells like a tropical paradise, helps to keep my cuticles moisturised and improves the overall condition of the surrounding skin.
Weleda Calendula Nappy Change Cream, £6.95/75ml
When I bought this, I overlooked the ingredient lanolin, which I'd rather not use, so I won't be repurchasing this product in future. However, this thick cream really helps to soothe irritated skin and a little goes a long way.
Badger Sleep Balm, £4.99/21g
Applying a little of this balm to any dry areas will instantly hydrate and soothe them, helping to heal the skin. It's also nice to rub into temples before going to sleep to help relax you.
Hurraw! Night Treatment Moon Lip Balm, £4.50/4.3g
I received this for Christmas and I am in love. The delicately sweet, warming vanilla scent is heavenly and the formula is exceptional, as are the natural, vegan-friendly ingredients. This soothes, hydrates and heals dry lips. I can't help but use this during the day as well as overnight!
Barefoot SOS Face & Body Rescue Cream, £10.50/50ml
If you suffer from irritating skin conditions, you should try this rescue cream. I really like the subtle scent and it's very moisturising and slowly helps to heal broken skin. I use this solely on my hands.
Balmology Calendula & Chamomile Comfort Balm, £22/50g
I like to use this thick balm on any dry skin and in particular, my hands. It is really nourishing and calming and a has a pleasant, subtle scent. It soothes irritated skin and a little goes a long way.
Lavera Winter Glory Cream Oil Body Balm, £13.90 (Limited Edition, currently unavailable)
This creamy body balm has a lovely lightweight formula which is absorbed quickly, leaving you with soft and moisturised skin. I love the brazil nut and maple syrup scent!

What are your winter skincare saviours?

16 January 2016

My Week In Pictures

I was up from 5:30am and not intentionally, I just woke up at that time and decided to get up! I read and finished my book, did some blogging and tidying, then had some toast and a large mug of decaf coffee for breakfast. I had a shower and kept cosy in a jumper, jeans and fluffy slipper socks! I took delivery of my new phone around 11am and played about with it for a while. Dean left with a friend at 12:30pm to watch the new Star Wars movie (again) and I stayed home. I made a Mexican cheese toastie with salad for lunch and enjoyed some chocolate rum ball truffles, while watching some Ghost Adventures episodes. I was really chilly, so I wrapped myself up in a faux fur throw! I made a quick veggie pasta dish with salad for dinner and got into bed quite early to continue watching more GA and read for a little while.

I was up around 9am on Tuesday and had hazelnut coffee and granola with fresh strawberries and organic vanilla yoghurt for breakfast, while watching Coronation Street. After a pleasant shower using my new NYR facial polish and a Weleda hair treatment, I got on with some housework and then had a late snacky lunch of red pepper hummus and sweet chilli flatbread thins, while watching Eastenders and then Silent Witness. I then caught up on reading some blogs and had to put my dressing gown on, as it's so cold at the moment, even with the heating on. I made bangers n' mash with onion gravy for tea and we watched Indiana Jones and The Lost Ark.

I tried to be really healthy on Wednesday, having granola, organic vanilla yoghurt, sliced banana and a drizzle of honey for breakfast, along with a latte macchiatto. For lunch, I had mashed avocado on toast with a sprinkle of chilli powder, a herbal tea and an orange. I watched Eastenders and Silent Witness in the morning, then an episode of Ghost Adventures with lunch. I had planned to join Dean and his Trailwalker group on an afternoon walk, but I changed my mind once I'd stepped outside, as it was freezing! Maybe next time... I stayed home and watched Angela's Ashes and did some blogging. I made enchiladas for dinner and we watched some Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Panic Room.

I was up at 7am on Thursday, had breakfast and watched Coronation Street before having my shower. I gave my skin a moisture boost with Pai's BioRegenerate Rosehip Oil, as it's been looking really dry and flaky recently. I did some laundry and then had several phone calls to make. I read some of my book, then watched some Ghost Adventures. I had the same lunch of avocado on toast, plus a large mug of hot chocolate with vegan marshmallows to warm me up! Later in the afternoon, I straightened my hair and did my make-up, ready to go out to the cinema. We went with two friends and saw Daddy's Home at 5:30pm in Dorchester. It was a really good film; lots of funny moments and Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg work very well together. I was totally craving chip shop chips for tea, but our local one is shut for a while this month, so we had to get some bits from Co-op instead. I just had pizza baguettes with salad for mine. We watched some Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes and then went to bed, where I read some more of my book before going to sleep.

I woke up feeling rather groggy and had a dull headache, so I had a slow start to the day. After breakfast and an episode of Eastenders, I ran myself a lovely, hot bath with NYR Soothing Bath Oil and read my book while having a long soak. I later took some blog photographs, had lunch and watched White Oleander while doing the ironing; it was a pretty good film and not one I'd seen before. I desperately wanted some chocolate in the afternoon, but had none in the house, so I made myself a hot chocolate with hot coconut milk and a Montezuma's Orange & Ginger Drinking Chocolate disc and had some hash browns with ketchup as an afternoon snack - random, but I love hash browns! Dean went to meet his walking buddies in the pub at 5:30pm to discuss their plans, and I stayed home and watched some Ghost Adventures and snuggled up on the sofa with the faux fur blanket to keep warm. Dean brought me back chips and sweet & sour sauce from the Chinese take-away and a chocolate bar - what a wonderful husband! We watched some Brooklyn Nine-Nine, then I got ready and left for work to start early at 10pm.

What did you get up to this week?