01 December 2015

November At A Glance

November whizzed by, of course, but I did enjoy having lots of time off. I mostly spent it buying and wrapping Christmas presents and increasing my hot drinks intake! We had a few shopping trips and went on a couple of countryside walks. I also rekindled my love of reading and created my very own YouTube channel. Thank you for all the kind comments and support on my first few videos - I really appreciate it! I also had the pleasure of reviewing some delicious Christmas goodies from Riverford Organic Farm Shop - I'd highly recommend ordering in some treats before the big day!
There were a few cinema trips during the month which included seeing Spectre, Suffragette and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part Two. We also watched a few movies at home which included Bad SantaThe MistSouthpawPitch Perfect 2 and Ted 2 (plus lots more that I can't remember!).
We went out for a couple of meals and have enjoyed indulging in the odd treat or three! I am adamant that I want to up my exercise and better my eating habits this month, but I won't restrict myself from the odd treat. I've bought lots of new beauty items, some fashion items and the odd coffee syrup! I'm hoping I can tighten my purse strings for the most of December and rather than buy more stuff, wait to see what's under the Christmas tree! I've also enjoyed lighting candles here, there and everywhere - there's just something much more inviting about a room when it's softened with pretty candlelight. My favourite scent is vanilla!

What did you guys get up to in November? I hope you had a good month!

I'll be sharing my November favourites with you in a video soon!

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