05 December 2015

My Week In Pictures

I woke up despising everyone and everything! You know when you just feel down for no apparent reason and you can't shake the feeling? That was me on Sunday, unfortunately. I hadn't slept well for a couple of nights and felt I needed to get away from my thoughts and thankfully we had a walk planned in the early afternoon, along with a friend. My brave husband will be leading a team of himself and three others in the Oxfam Trailwalker Challenge in 2016 - a 100km hike across the South Downs in under 30 hours - and they are beginning their "training" now. I will be accompanying them on as many walks/hikes as I can, as it's a great opportunity for exercise, plus I get out with the camera! Our first walk was 8 miles long, from Sturminster Newton to Shillingstone and back, on the trailway.
My limbs did not thank me! But my mind did. It was windy and a bit chilly at times, but it was good to get out in the fresh air and clear my mind. I also love seeing (and sometimes petting) the array of cute dogs getting their daily walk! I felt a lot better afterwards! When we got back from our walk, we rested for about an hour before beginning the preparations for Sunday dinner with the in-laws. We watched Ted 2 which was fun, although I do prefer the first one.
I was bloody exhausted from the day and as soon as our guests left, I had a nice, hot bath with some pink Himalayan salt to ease my aches and pains and a crippling headache. We watched some new Peep Show episodes afterwards and I treated myself to a Tunnock's tea cake. I couldn't wait to get into bed!

DSC 0036
I woke up on Monday having had a great night's sleep and was surprised to see my skin looking so good in the mirror - great start to the day! As soon as we were both ready, we headed into Yeovil for a spot of shopping. I wore a wool blend jumper and my new, sparkly necklace. It was very windy at times, but surprisingly mild. I picked up a few items in TK Maxx - no beauty products, sadly - and then we browsed the shops in town, picked up a few bits from Tesco (Krispy Kreme donuts and pods for the new coffee machine!) and had a cheeky McDonald's lunch before heading home. Dean had an exciting XBOX One-shaped delivery a little while after arriving home and I somehow found the motivation to do some tidying up, laundry e.t.c. and then relaxed for a while doing some blogging. We had a late evening snack, as we weren't overly hungry for a proper dinner. We watched some Russell Howard on catch-up, had a Chococino Caramel pod each and then went to bed. I watched some Coronation Street before going to sleep.

Oh, I had a nice, long lie-in on Tuesday... and some strange dreams! I had a slow start to the morning and didn't rush myself - I had no plans other than a big tidy-up and some cleaning chores, so we could put the Christmas decorations up when Dean was home. The books I ordered were delivered, so I was really happy that I could start the first book of the Cotswold series by Rebecca Tope! I had my usual yoghurt and cereal/granola for breakfast, along with herbal tea and a coffee. Oh, and a little bell-shaped chocolate, courtesy of my Mother-in-law, who brought round an advent calendar each on Sunday. The lure of a bubble bath and the chance to begin my new book was too much, so that's what I did! After that, I got most of the chores done, had a late lunch and then caught up with Eastenders and blog-reading.
I made (minus the shop-bought pastry case!) a caramelised red onion and cheddar cheese tart for dinner, which turned out to be delicious! Then it was time to put up the Christmas decorations! We've had a white Christmas tree for around eight years, so after last Christmas we picked up a new tree in the January sales - a green one for around £7! Our theme with the white tree was silver and blue, which doesn't quite cut it on a green tree, but it'll do for now. I envision a green tree with lots of colour and traditional ornaments and vintage glass baubles - I'll be picking up as much as possible in the after-Christmas sales! After we'd finished putting up the decs, I retired to the bedroom to watch some Ghost Adventures and then read some more of my new book before going to sleep.

Up late again on Wednesday and still suffering with back pain from our walk on Sunday, so I was not feeling very motivated to do much. After breakfast and a late shower, I was in the mood for re-organising my wardrobe and drawers - don't you feel so much better after a de-clutter?! After this, I had some toast and hazelnut coffee as a late lunch, while watching some more Ghost Adventures. I didn't have anything planned for dinner, so Dean had pizza and I had leek and cheese "sausages" and potato salad. We watched Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows afterwards. I made a banana and salted caramel ice-cream milkshake (with coconut milk) for each of us, with a serving each of aguaje powder* and a dash of organic cocoa powder - it was lovely!


I actually got up at a decent time on Thursday (9:30am) and had porridge for a change at breakfast. It was a rather dull and windy day, with no sign of any sunlight, but I was eager to keep my spirits high and get a few things done. I used a deep-cleansing face mask before my shower, which worked really nicely. It took three attempts, but I got my November favourites filmed in the afternoon. I watched some Corrie and then wasted some time feeling bored! I made spaghetti carbonara for dinner and I also made a batch of small chocolate cupcakes, adding some aguaje powder* and sultanas for a healthy kick. They were okay, but a little too dry. We watched Peep Show and the last episode of You, Me and The Apocalypse, then tried to watch a film, but we weren't into it. I browsed online for a bit, then read for ages in bed - nearly finished my book!

I woke to glorious sunshine on Friday morning, which was a lovely start to the day. I got up just before 10am. I always try to lie in as long as possible on the morning of my first night back at work, as I usually don't sleep before my shift, meaning I am often up for at least 20 hours.
After breakfast and a quick shower, I sorted through all the wrapped Christmas gifts, double-checking what still needed to be bought e.t.c. and took the opportunity of some decent lighting to snap a few photos for upcoming posts on the blog. Then I watched the film, Serena, while tending to a rather large ironing pile! After the film, I had to sit down for a while. I chilled out on the laptop until dinner and then we watched The Bad Lieutenant. Then it was time to get ready to go to work for my first night back.

What did you guys get up to this week?

*items kindly sent for review purposes; all thoughts and opinions are, and always will be, my own.


  1. Great post! The pics look great. Gemma xx

  2. There you go, making me food envious again! x

    1. Hehe, glad you enjoyed, Laura! :) xxx

  3. Beautiful post Em, I found reading it quite calming and enjoyable. Seems like you have had a lovely week. Your photography is getting really good too. The Christmas tree photos are really fun! We haven’t put any decorations up yet but this has reminded me to do so! So pleased you got an advent calendar, it’s such a sweet design :-) Looks like you are nearly all sorted with Christmas presents, I love wrapping, I was doing some the other day and have nearly finished. Speak soon! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Aw, thanks so much, Helen! It's great to have all the Christmas gifts wrapped. Just need to find a big enough box to send them all up to Scotland, haha. Hope you're enjoying your weekend. :) xxx


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