14 November 2015

What I Bought This Week

Faith In Nature Coconut Shampoo, £5.50/400ml & Faith In Nature Coconut Conditioner, £5.50/400ml
This duo is my everyday haircare staple. They leave my hair cleansed, softer and moisturised, without it feeling stripped or greasy.
Faith In Nature Coconut Body Lotion, £6.25/150ml
I love FIN's coconut hand cream, but it costs £6.39 for 50ml, so I had to try the lotion, which works out at much better value. And it's just as good!
Fear In The Cotswolds by Rebecca Tope, £1.99
This year's book-reading has been awful! I haven't read many at all. While compiling our Christmas lists for the family, I added a few books and felt the niggle of the reading bug again. I'm currently reading a book, but I couldn't resist buying Fear In The Cotswolds for such a bargain. It sounds right up my street and I can't wait to start reading it!

What have you been buying recently?


  1. lovely little haul :)


  2. I loooove cocnut scents :-) I've got a post going up soon about some coconutty products. You absolutely can't go wrong with them I think. They're always super nourishing & the scent is just amazing. I love coconutty products! Fab haul girlie. I also need to get back into reading :-( I haven't sat down with a good book for such along time.

    1. Me too! Thank you. These are regular re-purchases for me. Yes, definitely need to get back into reading. I think the colder months are a great opportunity to do so. xxx

  3. I love the Faith in Nature coconut range. I'm currently reading After the Fire by Jane Casey x

    1. It's by far my favourite range and so affordable, too. Ooh, just looked it up - sounds intriguing! xxx


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