04 November 2015

The Weekly Wish List

1. La Redoute Crinkled Faux Leather Biker Jacket, £49 £36.75
I'm not sure I could pull off a pink biker jacket, but I seem to be drawn to this one! I think it could work if the rest of my outfit was quite simple and dressed-down.
2. Whittard Toffee Apple Loose Tea Infusion, £6.50/100g
This sweet toffee apple loose tea sounds divine! Sounds perfect for the festive season, and it'll settle that sweet tooth craving.
3. Barbour Waxed Cotton Camera Bag, £189 £151.20
Now that I'm getting serious with my photography, I need to get a decent camera bag to hold my DSLR, plus accessories. I want an across-body style bag and I really love the idea of a satchel, like this Barbour one. Obviously, this one is way out of my budget, but I'd love a cheaper alternative.
4. BHS Set Of 2 Silver Round Cut Out Placemats, £8
I really want to replace my black glass placemats with something lighter and more robust. I love silver and these would work all year round, yet add a festive touch at Christmas. They are wipe-clean PVC.
5. Primavera Sleep Therapy Lavender Pillow Mist, £11/30ml
I want to replace my current lavender pillow/room mist with a natural alternative and this one sounds lovely. I really love creating a relaxing, inviting atmosphere to help drift off to sleep.
6. Montezuma's Hazelnut & Coffee Dainty Dollops, £7.45/150g
Don't these sound divine?! I actually want to try a few other varieties, too, but these coffee ones are top of the list. I wonder if someone will gift them to me for Christmas?!

What's at the top of your wish list this week?


  1. Pretty wish list Emma! :-) The biker jacket is gorgeous. I would love to have a nicer bag for my camera too… at the mo I just use a normal handbag! Those placemats are really unusual, quite festive too. :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Thanks, Helen! Really tempted to get the placemats! :) xxx


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