28 November 2015

My Week In Pictures

Monday was Dean's last day of his holiday. We had a chilled out day; I did some housework and stayed cosy indoors. I made a random smoothie with organic raspberry yoghurt, coconut milk, banana, cacao nibs*, a dash of maple syrup and a serving of aguaje superfruit powder*, which actually turned out quite nicely. In the afternoon, I had a lovely organic peppermint tea and caught up with Corrie. We treated ourselves to an Indian take-away in the evening; I went for a vegetable korma and a peshwari naan - there are no photos of this, as it was devoured upon arrival! We also had some Chocolat Luxe Bailey's, which was nice, but I find Bailey's rather strong, so I only had a little. I had some Kelly's salted caramel ice-cream for afters! I cannot remember what film we watched. As Dean had to get up early for work, and I was feeling rather tired, we headed off to bed earlier than usual.

I had a slow start to the day on Tuesday. I watched Corrie with breakfast. Dean was back to work, so I was home alone. I caught up on housework chores and did some blogging. When Dean got home, we had an afternoon treat of cherry scones with wild blueberry conserve and clotted cream! I made homemade burritos with Quorn mince for dinner. We watched the latest episodes of The Walking Dead and Modern Family. I stayed up late watching Ghost Adventures!

On Wednesday, after feeling a little unwell in the early hours, I endeavoured to try and kick-start my healthy eating/living. I used my Madara mud mask in the morning, and although my face went bright red at first, it faded within an hour and the end results were rather pleasing. I caught up with some laundry, then caught up on watching Eastenders. It was a sunny, bright day which made me smile, despite another declined job application. I finished reading my book by candlelight in the late afternoon. I really enjoyed this book and have ordered some of the other books in the collection! I had a light dinner of pesto pasta with a side salad, which went down nicely. I watched some Ghost Adventures before getting ready and heading off for work around 11:35pm. The work night wasn't too bad.

When I got home from work, I had a quick breakfast and got into my warm, inviting bed. I had to get up around 3pm, have a quick shower and then we headed off to the cinema with a friend to see The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part Two, which we enjoyed. I had some popcorn at the cinema, as I was really hungry! Again, I had pesto pasta and salad for my dinner, then we watched the latest You, Me and the Apocalypse episode, then I went to bed for an hour or so before heading off to work again. It was a busy night and I was thankful it was the last one.

Yay, another week off! I know, I am very lucky to get so much time off. Although, I'd happily give it all up for a happier job. I had yoghurt and cereal with fresh blueberries and a Pukka detox tea for breakfast when I got home, then climbed into bed with the electric blanket on, watched one episode of Ghost Adventures and promptly fell asleep. I forced myself to get up at 2:30pm and lazily sat on the sofa, caught up with reading some blogs and took some blog photos before the daylight disappeared.
Dean wasn't home long before heading out again to go to Poole with a friend to grab something in the Black Friday sales. He surprised me by bringing home a coffee machine, too! I made spaghetti bolognese for Dean's dinner, while I had pesto pasta again, with garlic bread. I also had a cheeky toffee cider! We watched some Peep Show and of course tried out our new coffee machine! I spent some time browsing and blogging and then went to bed and watched some Ghost Adventures.

Should I have just called this a food diary?! What have you been up to this week?


  1. I went to see the hunger Game too last week and I really enjoyed it! Love the twist at the end. Lovely pictures and Baileys chocolate is my favourite every year for my birthday (My birthday is a week before Christmas) I usually get a bootle !!


    1. Yes, me too! Thank you, Marie. I hope you have a lovely birthday! :) xxx


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