07 November 2015

My Week In Pictures

I got up around 9:30am, had breakfast and did some blogging. I watched a Ghost Adventures episode in bed before my shower. As I was having a no make-up day, I refreshed my skin with this lovely Pukka rosewater.
In the afternoon, I baked a coffee and caramel chocolate cherry cake! Then I caught up on Downton Abbey - so sad it's the last ever series!
For dinner, I made a simple pasta bake from scratch, topped with mozzarella cheese and served with a side salad. I had fun with my presentation skills for dessert - a slice of the chocolate cake I baked earlier with chocolate sauce and organic vanilla ice-cream, topped with a square of salted caramel chocolate! We spent the evening catching up on some TV shows.

On tuesday I did some light housework and watched TV. As my belated 1st wedding anniversary (paper) gift to Dean, we went to the luxurious Empire Cinema at Tower Park in Poole to see the new Bond film, Spectre. We both enjoyed the film - and our plush, premium seats! It was around 8pm when we came out of the cinema, and as part of my gift, the plan was to enjoy an evening meal at one of the many nearby eateries. Unfortunately, everywhere was very busy and there was a 20-25 minute wait to be seated. We ended up slumming it in a near-dead KFC, where all I could have was a large fries! I did get a caramel sundae, though. When we got home, I watched a couple of Ghost Adventures episodes before bed.

On Wednesday, I had some errands to run in town in the morning, then I had a big delivery of parcels - most of which were Christmas gifts! A few items for myself as well, of course. I packed up an egg and cress sandwich and drove over to my friend's house to have a catch-up and, basically, a de-stress session! The above cushion in our bedroom reminds me to focus on the little things that make me happy each day. It's so easy to give in to those negative thoughts and you end up feeling really down. I felt much better after a long chat with my friend. We also found out that we are not allowed pets in our property, so this was quite disheartening. I've re-organised my priorities in my head, though, and am now working towards some goals that I hope will lead to new opportunities. We didn't have any plans in the evening, so we just relaxed and caught up on Hannibal and Modern Family. We had a baked potato with cheesy beans for dinner. I did some more online Christmas shopping, too!

Thursday was another day of housework and blogging - as well as updating my own blog, I have so many posts to read in my BlogLovin' feed! I promise I will be commenting on lots of posts soon. I desperately wanted to get out of the house with my camera, but the weather was against me and it rained all day long. So, I spent my afternoon staying cosy with the heating on, a scented candle lit and hot drinks to keep me going. We had also planned to attend a fireworks display at Poole Quay, but due to the bad weather, we doubted it would go ahead and stayed home instead. We enjoyed listening to the fireworks that people were setting off in our town. We both enjoyed the season finale of Hannibal! I had an early night as I felt really tired and had a headache.

On Friday, I had to stay in for a plumber who was coming round in the morning to fix a leaky tap and our toilet flusher. I did a quick tidy round, had breakfast and a quick shower before they arrived. They didn't take long to fix everything and left before midday. While they were here, I caught up on some blog reading and commenting  - I still have around 250 blog posts unread in my BlogLovin' feed... I watched a couple of Eastenders and Most Haunted episodes while catching up with ironing - I hate this chore, as I do it 3-4 times during a working week, on night shift. I had leek and potato soup for lunch in my insulated "hug mug" and caught up on Corrie. After I'd sorted out some laundry, I did a few blogging tasks and browsed the latest NEXT catalogue - lots on my wish list! I also took delivery of an exciting package of Minvita goodies - check back soon for more on these! I slow-cooked beef for Dean's tea and I had cauliflower cheese grills in place of this, along with mash, carrots and gravy. Oh, and a few onion rings! We watched a very strange film called A Pigeon Sat On A Branch Reflecting On Existence! I watched a couple of Ghost Adventures episodes in bed, then got up around 11pm to get ready for the first night shift of the week at work!

What did you get up to this week?


  1. Your food pictures always make me super hungry! xx


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