31 October 2015

October At A Glance + Monthly Favourites

This month seems to have flown by, although it seems like forever since my parents were here visiting at the start of the month; see what we got up to here and here! I also celebrated my 26th birthday this month and you can read my birthday post and gifts haul here. I had a lovely, chilled birthday and a delicious meal in the evening.
I finally got my passport sorted after they misspelled my new surname last year and we have requested permission from our landlord to have a dog... Still awaiting an answer, so fingers crossed! I already have my eye on a litter of local pups and I have been reading up on our chosen breed choice.
Work has been hellish and I am trying to cling on to my sanity! I'm hoping to hear back from a recent job I applied for...
I'm trying to be organised with Christmas this year and have already made a pretty good start on buying gifts. One person's gifts are already complete - my sister, Kathryn's! She's vegan, so it was quite fun focusing on vegan-friendly gifts. Have you started yours yet?
Cat from Cat Food Is Good For You got in touch earlier this month about her recent eBook launch - exciting! I was kindly offered the chance to enjoy the eBook for free, and I also have a special discount code for my lovely readers! With Cat's fun and witty writing approach, you're sure to enjoy reading this helpful and informative natural beauty guide. It is aesthetically pleasing, with pretty illustrations and photographs throughout. I'm eager to try making some of the natural beauty recipes from the eBook - namely the Almond Sea Salt Face Scrub and the Super-hydrating Face Mask! With an additional pocket-sized guide on toxins to avoid (which you can also store on your phone) and her own personal skincare journey story, Cat has everything covered that you should need in your transition to natural beauty. The complete eBook + bonus material retails at £9.99, but I have a 15% off discount code (expires 15th November) for my lucky readers - just enter "EMMA" at the checkout! I highly recommend this lovely eBook, especially if you are just starting out with natural beauty. You can purchase your copy here.
I was also lucky enough win Kate's Organii liquorice shower gel giveaway this month! It's a really fun product and truly smells of liquorice! I love the packaging, too.

Notable film mentions this month:
DSC 0001ed
Ratatouille - one of my fave Pixar movies. I love the story that follows the rat, Remy, on his journey to Paris and great food! The film's wonderful motto is "anyone can cook".
Trollhunter - A documentary-style, found-footage dark fantasy film about trolls in Norway!
Super - An average guy decides to become a super-hero to win back and save his wife.
The Angriest Man In New York - Robin Williams is great as the lead role in this awakening film. What would you do if you only had 90 minutes to live?!
Hector and the Search for Happiness - Another film that makes you think and appreciate what you have. Hector is a psychiatrist who is stuck in a rut. He goes on an adventure in search of what makes people happy.

Monthly Favourites:
I've been loving using this Deep Steep Lavender Vanilla Argan Oil Body Lotion, mainly as a hand cream. It softens and hydrates skin, leaving behind a gorgeous scent!
My new camera! I bought myself a Nikon D3300 DSLR camera and am loving the quality of photos I am now able to capture.
DSC 0016ed
Sweet treats and good food - we've been enjoying one too many naughty but nice treats this month, plus some yummy, home-cooked food!

What did you get up to in October?


  1. Hey Em! :-) Cool post, was nice to hear about your month. I know when I was organising my passport, all the info had to be exact, and it took me forever to get it done! Sorry work has been stressful, hopefully things will look up for you soon, good luck with your job application. I’m having a fairly quiet Halloween but I’m much looking forward to Christmas, I’ve actually got all my shopping done already and did some online too. I like to get it out the way. Cat’s ebook sounds really interesting and I love the illustrations. I must check out those film recommendations too! Happy Halloween, have a good one! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Hi Helen, thank you for your comment! Yes, hopefully a new job is on the horizon; I'll just have to be patient, I guess. I just love buying Christmas gifts but also love to be organised, especially as most of it has to be sent up to Scotland in good time! We are also having a quiet Halloween - we'll probably watch a few films tonight. Yes, definitely check out those films if they sound up your street! :) xxx


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