16 October 2015

My Week In Pictures

Monday 5th October - Friday 9th October.

On Monday, Dean, my Mum and I went to Sherborne to look round the shops, while my Dad painted our bathroom. Sherborne is such a pretty town and has some lovely little shops.
Purple Hanging Bunny, £2.99
With my new, purple car, how could I resist this lilac, woolly bunny in the sale?! Well, I couldn't, so it's now hanging in my car!
Vintage Style Mug, £2.99
Also in the sale and something I really didn't need, but I love odd mug collections and couldn't resist this vintage-style one.
We also popped into my local Naturalife store and I picked up these three flapjack-style snack bars, ranging from 62p-77p, and a bottle of Rocks Organic Elderflower Squash, £3.49/740ml.
The elderflower squash was nothing like elderflower cordial, which I love - it tasted like watered-down apple juice! The chocolate smoothie flapjack was really delicious! The pecan and the peanut ones were okay, but I wouldn't re-purchase those.

My parents treated us to a lovely Indian takeaway as an early birthday treat, and I had my first vegetable korma which was lovely! I had a delicious peshwari naan to go with it.
Tuesday saw Dean go back to work and Dad painting our place, so Mum and I went to Dorchester for a wander round the shops. We had chips for lunch and then took refuge in a little cafe when the rain came on. Mum had Americano coffee and a slice of apple cake with cream, while I had a hot chocolate and a chocolate brownie. We both thoroughly enjoyed it! We had a good look round Neal's Yard and it was such a lovely shop. They have loads of testers on display, and even a sink and towels to test out the hand washes! I've steered clear of make-up wipes for ages, but it's always nice to have that lazy option, so I picked up their Organic Face Wipes, £5.50/25 wipes, which have been great and really gentle.

On Wednesday, my parents and I took the dogs for a woodland walk near Okeford Fitzpaine - it was very muddy due to recent rainfall and we got a bit lost, so we were walking for what felt like ages! My dad spotted two squirrels and there was a field of horses at the start of our walk.
photo 4ed
We also went for a short walk along the trailway in the evening, and captured this pretty sunset!
On Thursday, my parents and I took the dogs for a walk in Piddles Wood. It was lovely and peaceful, until my Dad endured a surprising electric shock when he was opening a metal gate, while unknowingly leaning against an electric fence! Unfortunately there were no warning signs on the fence, but he was fine! We all had a take-out to finish off the day and then my parents departed around 7pm.

Most of our evenings during our holiday were spent either watching a movie or playing Scrabble!

I felt a little lost on Friday and had a chilled out day, catching up on housework and TV programmes, before returning to work that night.

What have you been up to lately?


  1. Great post Em! I have been enjoying this series of posts, I love your writing style and you seem to be doing some really fun things. I smiled when you mentioned about popping into a café/coffee shop away from the rain, great minds things alike! Those natural treats you bought look fab too. I like the Autumn leaves photograph, I must get out and photograph some Autumn leaves as they are pretty! Speak soon! :-) xxx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Aww, thank you, Helen! I'm going to try to keep these posts as a regular feature, but probably fortnightly as I don't really do anything on the weeks I work! It's my birthday next week, so hopefully I'll have lots to talk about. :) xxx

  2. Aw it sounds like you had a really lovely week, although they're really should have been signs on that electric fence, glad you're dad is okay!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you, Alice! Yes, most definitely! xxx


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