12 October 2015

My Week In Pictures

This is my week in pictures from Tuesday 29th September - Sunday 4th October.

My parents arrived on Tuesday evening and we all had a chip shop supper! These two girls also tagged along:
Fern is at the back, Bailey is at the front. We had a bit of an unsettled night, as they did bark a few times due to unusual noises - they're used to very little noise at night, as they live in a tiny village in Scotland.
Wednesday saw my parents and I take the dogs on an 8 mile walk along the trailway (old railway line). We left Dean asleep at home, as he had worked overnight on the Tuesday for some overtime. It was a lovely, sunny day and we foraged some pears! I also spotted a grey squirrel. There were also endless berries and apples, ripe for the picking, along our walk, but I only had a small bag with me, so pears it was! Unfortunately, I left it a little late (obviously far too tired from all the walking!) to use them, and they went bad! At least I know where to go for some free, fresh fruit now!

On Thursday, we all went to Brewham, Somerset, to visit the Stourhead estate, where King Alfred's Tower is situated. We had looked up and planned a particular walk, but we aren't great at directions, so ended up doing a slightly different route. It was great, though, as it featured a range of different scenes - fields, valleys, woodland, and an accidentally free walk round the Stourhead estate gardens! It was a really lovely, warm and sunny day. Very tiring, but enjoyable! I think we walked at least 8 miles that day. While wandering the pretty gardens, there was an area which smelled just like candyfloss, but we couldn't determine the tree or flower it was coming from! Any ideas?
On Friday, we walked from Shillingstone to Stourpaine along the trailway. There were lots of lovely views, fields of horses, and ridiculously cute, old cottages in Stourpaine!
On Saturday, I bought a new car! I had planned to possibly purchase one while my Dad was here, as he knows lots about cars, so he could help me choose a decent one. We came across a great deal on a purple Ford Fiesta in Salisbury. We went to see it and I bought it there and then, after a little test drive. I also traded in my rattly, 15-year-old Skoda Fabia for more than I could hope for, which was great! I'm really enjoying my new car, which is 8 years newer than my Fabia was, and it's only my second car, so I feel I deserve it - I'm just having to get used to a diesel again (I learned to drive in one)!

On Sunday, Dean, my Mum and I went into Yeovil, mainly to pick up some car cleaning products for my Dad from Halford's, but we also stopped by TK Maxx and B&M. Then we lunched it at Subway. My Mum and I had a good browse of the beauty section in TK Maxx and I picked up a couple of items:
Deep Steep Lavender Vanilla Argan Oil Body Lotion, RRP £8.49 £4.99/236ml
So far, I've been using this solely on my hands. It's really pleasant to use and smells gorgeous!
Nature Love Eucalyptus Essential Oil, £4.99 £4/10ml
I purchased this particular essential oil in time for any upcoming winter colds! I mainly plan to use it for steam inhalation.

Check back soon to find out what else we did on our holiday!


  1. Very Nice Inspirations

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  2. Looks like a lovely week! Your parents' dogs are gorgeous x

    1. Thanks, Laura, it was! Yes, they are cuties. :) xxx

  3. Another great post! I think your lifestyle chatty posts are becoming my fav. :-) Congrats on the new car, it’s really lovely. I drive too and share a Nissan Micra with my Mum and love it! It’s my second car also, my first was an old Peugeot and was so difficult to drive as it had no power steering lol. Looks like you had an awesome week and thanks for sharing the fab photos! :-) xxx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Ah, thanks, Helen! I really enjoy writing lifestyle posts. :) Thank you for all of your lovely comments today! Have a great week. xxx


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