03 October 2015

Helen's Top 10 Photography Tips For Beginners

Hi all! My name is Helen from Helens Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle blog. Em has kindly asked me to do a guest post and after discussing it, we thought you ladies might fancy learning more about photography. I started learning photography at college, went onto doing Graphic Design at Uni and after finishing, my passion has developed further into doing commissions alongside running a handmade card business.

If you are just beginning to get into taking photos and need a little nudge or some inspiration, I hope this post might help. I will be covering a bit of everything but mainly how to get those creative juices flowing; I would say that’s my own strength rather than the technical side of things. Anyway, hope you enjoy!

One // Choose a subject that you have a passion for. I find when you do this the images come across a lot stronger with having knowledge about what you are photographing.

Two // Finding opportunities for taking photos can be key. Whether it’s planning a day trip to an interesting place or seizing opportunities that come to you in everyday life.

Three // Part of improving your photographs is getting feedback. It can be a family member or posting some photos on Flickr/ Instagram. Receiving helpful comments or appraisal can be great.

Four // Messing around with the settings can be really beneficial. Often taking a photo then adjusting the settings, again taking a photo and comparing is a great way to see what different things can be achieved.

Five // If you are lucky enough to have a digital camera, make best use of it. The good thing about them is you can take hundreds of photos and go through the best ones on your computer without the need of going to a print shop.
Six // Challenge your mind when it comes to what you photograph. One example of this is weather, many may think a bright sunny day is a perfect opportunity but other conditions may be interesting such as fog, lightning etc.

Seven // A lesson that took me a while to notice was what level you are to a subject. If you are photographing a small child or dog, ducking down to their level makes all the difference.

Eight // Editing using a phone app or software can enhance a photo from good to great. I often seem to be brightening images especially for blog photography. Making something monochrome can change a mood too.

Nine // Connect with other enthusiasts, it may be someone online who’s photography you really admire. Finding someone to aspire to in a creative way may be motivating.

Ten // Don’t worry about going wrong. Having fun experimenting with different elements of photography is just as important to how the final image comes out. Let your creativity go wild!

Hi guys, I hope you enjoyed this informative post from Helen today! Look out for more guest posts while I'm taking some time out.


  1. Thanks so much for this advice Emma. I am very new to photography so I'm always researching online to pick up tips and learn new techniques. This was very helpful.
    I am currently reading 'Photography in the Digital Age' from Hugh Lawton. I strongly recommend this book series to beginners like me.
    By far the most comprehensive and helpful resource I have found so far for developing an overall understanding.
    Really outstanding and well worth taking a moment to check out the authors website.

    1. Hey Richard :-) This is Helen here, I’m so pleased you liked the post and found it helpful. Emma was kind enough to invite me to do this guest post and I really enjoyed it. I’m delighted you got in touch and thank you for that book/website recommendation I will definitely have to check those out. I’ve been reading The Creative Photography Handbook by Lee Frost, it’s a fantastic read and worth a look! Hope you are having an awesome week and maybe chat again! Best wishes, Helen x

      Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog


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