04 October 2015

50 Things That Make Me Happy

1. My husband!
2. Chocolate.
3. Cosy knitwear.
4. Baby sleuth videos.
5. Grey anything.
6. Fluffy slipper boots in winter.
7. Watching the Harry Potter films.
8. Good grammar.
9. Peace and quiet.
10. Lovely comments on my blog!
11. Dry shampoo.
12. Watching new horror films at the cinema.
13. Puss In Boots' Humpty Dumpty in his golden egg suit!
14. The moment I get to turn the central heating on when it gets too cold.
15. Green & Black's organic vanilla bourbon ice-cream.
16. Movie nights.
17. Pai's rosehip oil.
18. Brothers toffee apple cider - it's vegan!
19. Pretty scarves.
20. Instagram.
21. Red onions.
22. The first snowfall of winter.
23. Online shopping.
24. Leopard print.
25. Going for walks in the countryside.
26. Ankle boots.
27. Crackling log fires.
28. Puppies.
29. My latest handbag purchase - it has a big, pink bow!
30. Macaroni cheese.
31. A mug of hot chocolate.
32. Statement necklaces.
33. New PJ's!
34. Scented candles.
35. My Granny's Scottish tablet toffee.
36. Browsing the TK Maxx homewares section.
37. Fresh strawberries.
38. Discount codes!
39. Hot bubble baths.
40. Laughing uncontrollably.
41. Lip balm.
42. Eating out.
43. Roast potatoes.
44. Coffee.
45. Putting the Christmas tree up!
46. My dressing gown.
47. Fresh flowers.
48. Homemade soup.
49. Toffee and pecan roulade.
50. Blogging!

What makes you happy?


  1. Ah gorgeous post Emma! Lovin’ the different format too, interesting and fun to read. Really lovely ideas on the list, I nodded to a few of these in agreement :-) Must have to try Green & Black's ice-cream, it sounds super yummy! I liked the A/W theme too, it made me feel all excited and festive. Hope you are having a nice week and speak soon xxx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Thanks so much, Helen! Glad you enjoyed reading it - it was fun to write! Yes, you must try their ice-cream - it's amazing! xxx


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