17 September 2015

The Weekly Wish List

1. Emma Bridgewater Black Toast Boxed Feasting Platter, £59.95 £50.96
I can just picture this festive platter taking pride of place in the centre of the dining table on Christmas Day!
2. Viridian White Willow Capsules, £6.85
I wish to replace my general medicines such as pain killers and seasonal remedies with more natural alternatives and these white willow capsules sound like great all-rounders! Have you tried these?
3. Marks & Spencer Luxury Hooded Shimmer Dressing Gown, £45
When the cold weather sets in, I pretty much live in my dressing gown! I like to have two so that while one is in the laundry, I have another to keep me cosy. I left one at my parents' house in Scotland earlier this year to save taking it back and forth in my luggage, so I now have a space for a new one! Isn't this M&S offering the most snuggliest, softest thing you ever did see? I want it to be mine.
4. Caroline Gardner PiƱa Colada Three Pocket Notebooks, £4.99 £4.24
Who doesn't love pretty stationery? These mini notebooks are sure to come in handy!
5. IKEA STRANNE LED Floor Lamp, £52
This LED lamp is everything I could want in alternative lighting; it's modern yet not too bold, it's soft and subtle, whilst looking interesting, and it's just so darn pretty!
6. The Body Deli Coconut Creme Hand & Body Cream, £24.95/7oz
I love coconut-based products and this hand and body cream sounds super hydrating!
7. Forever 21 Pleated Woven Top, £10
This top is such a bargain and so versatile. It would work with a smart-casual look, as well as being perfect work (or interview) attire!
8. Dorothy Perkins Lyndsey Heeled Ankle Boots, £39
I've wanted a pair of navy ankle boots since forever and these are gorgeous! 20% off if you spend £40 at the moment...

What's at the top of your wish list this week?


  1. I very much need that dressing gown in my life at the moment! x

  2. i love that dressing gown
    looks so warm and cozy

  3. Those notebooks are so cute! I love buying pretty stationery, I get so tempted whenever I see cute things like those!
    Dina // Love Letters and Lace

    1. Me too! You can never have too much pretty stationery, right? xxx


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