08 September 2015

Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil

About the brand:
Pai is a cruelty-free, certified organic beauty brand who strives to produce natural products suitable for the most sensitive of skins. All products are formulated and manufactured in West London and all products are free from nasties such as phthalates, petrochemicals, alcohol, artificial fragrances, formaldehyde and SLS. Where possible, their packaging and stationery is produced from recycled materials.
Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil, £22/30ml

Encased in pretty, recyclable packaging and housed in a glass bottle with a glass pipette for dispensing, you instantly feel luxurious using this product! This certified organic oil is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. The scent is quite subtle and slightly earthy, but not offensive in any way. The thin, orange oil can be dropped directly onto your skin or onto your hand, ready to apply to your selected areas. The oil is easy to dispense in small amounts and is easily spread evenly over skin. It leaves a slight orange tinge to the skin until it has soaked in, which may take some time. I prefer to apply mine overnight, often mixed with a moisturiser. The scent does seem to linger for some time!

When applying and massaging in the oil, it feels really luxurious and relaxing. Any dry patches are instantly hydrated and nourished. This oil helps to reduce any pesky blemishes I may get, and it helps to heal and soothe them too. It definitely helps to even out skin tone and improve the overall texture and appearance of my skin. It also helps to reduce and calm redness, which I am prone to. I can't say too much about the effects it has on fine lines and wrinkles as firstly, I'm lucky enough not to have many yet, and secondly, I don't feel I have been using it long enough to judge it in this particular area.

The healing properties in particular are pretty impressive; I've applied directly to fresh scratches and the next day they have disappeared. Dean was unfortunate enough to splash hot cooking oil very close to his eye recently, and he used both this oil and an aloe vera gel for a week or so on the affected and surrounding area, and now you'd never even know it had happened! Check out the before + after photos:
Completely healed and no scarring! Also, isn't his new, short haircut super cute?!

Overall, I think this is a great multi-use beauty product that has lots of great properties. I can't see why I would ever drop this from my beauty routine. It may seem a little expensive at £22, but I know this first bottle is going to last a long time! You really don't need to use much per application. It's perfect for my sensitive, combination skin!

Rosa canina (rosehip CO2) seed extract*, rosa canina (rosehip CO2) fruit extract*, mixed tocopherols (natural vitamin e), rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract*
*Certified Organic by the Soil Association (Organically produced 99.8% of product).

Have you tried Pai's Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil?


  1. Great post!! I actually just tried a product like this that I wrote on my blog! I like that this is multifunctional though! Ill have to try it out!


    1. Yes, I'd definitely recommend trying this product! :) xxx

  2. I'm so glad you liked this product! I've never seen the healing powers of rosehip oil on a burn before - that's fantastic. Lovely review. xx

    1. We were really impressed! But I hear aloe vera gel is a wonder product too, so I think it was a good combination of both. xxx


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