12 September 2015

My Haircare Staples

I like to keep my haircare routine as simple as possible, with a minimal number of products. I still like to try different shampoos and conditioners, but otherwise my hair products stay the same.
My current shampoo of choice, and one which I feel will be sticking around in my routine for that deep-cleaning option, is Living Naturally Rosemary & Marshmallow Soapnut Shampoo. It leaves my hair super clean and refreshed, getting rid of any product build-up and prolonging the cleanliness of my hair.

Aside from everyday conditioners, when I need that hit of deep hydration, I reach for some coconut oil. I melt a small amount and apply all over my hair as a mask and leave it on for as long as possible (sometimes overnight). When it's rinsed out and my hair has been washed and dried, it leaves my hair well-conditioned, soft and smooth, with reduced frizz.

Before heat-styling my hair, I always apply a fine mist of my Giovanni 2chic Flat Iron Styling Mist. This helps protect my hair from the harsh heat and reduces the chance of frizz.
I currently wash my hair every other day - I wish it would last longer - and on the no-wash days, it can start to look greasy towards the end of the day. So if I'm going out on a no-wash day, I will use dry shampoo to help soak up any excess oil and make my hair look refreshed. I've been experimenting with a D.I.Y. dry shampoo - just a basic mix of cornflour and cocoa powder. It's not perfect, and I need to add some essential oils to mask the cocoa powder scent. Any other D.I.Y. recipes would be greatly appreciated!
And as for tools, I use a Tangle Teezer for brushing my hair and I also have a compact one that stays in my handbag.

What are your haircare staples?


  1. I love the sound of the Rosemary & Marshmallow shampoo, it sounds delicious!! :-) I'm lucky in the sense that I can go 4-5 days without washing my hair, but when I do I always use coconut based products. I'm a massive fan of leaving either coconut oil or regular conditioner on my hair overnight too, as I feel it makes a massive difference to my hair the next day.

    1. You're so lucky! Yes, I love coconut hair products; I must re-purchase the Faith In Nature coconut range soon. xxx

  2. I completely agree with the coconut oil. I have super thick hair and its normally very dry and frizzy but ever since I've been using coconut oil as a deep conditioner whenever I need it, I've noticed a huge difference!
    Really loving your blog! I've tagged you in the Liebster Award (http://lovelettersandlace.blogspot.ca/) I'd really love to see you answer those questions!
    xx Dina

    1. Coconut oil is such a great multi-use product! Thanks for the nomination, Dina! I've answered the qu's on your blog. xxx

  3. I love all of these staples! I do the same cocoa and cornflower dry shampoo recipe, and I mix it with lavender essential oil (but Dan always says that he likes the cocoa scent!). Peppermint essential oil would also be nice for your scalp. xx

    1. Thanks, Kate! I love chocolate, but surprisingly really dislike the lingering cocoa powder scent - I'll look out for some essentials oils to try. xxx


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