01 September 2015

Becoming Vegetarian: One Month On

Over a month has passed by already since I became vegetarian! I haven't missed meat at all. The hardest thing about it is cooking for two when one is a meat-eater and one is a vegetarian! It requires lots of planning and imagination.
It's only been the last week or two of the month that I've started to experiment with making vegetarian meals from scratch - I made spinach and ricotta cannelloni the other day which tasted quite good, if a little bland, and was also a bit fiddly to make. It's all about trial and error! Veggie burgers are my saviour, but I must try making my own. At the moment I'm favouring Tesco's nut cutlets. I have tried some meat alternatives from Quorn and Linda McCartney - most have been fine, but to be honest I don't really want to be eating faux meat. I think it's a bit of a cop-out, really. Although, Quorn mince will come in handy for making lasagne and cottage pie, which Dean will eat too.

I now have to check labels on everything. I do most of my grocery shopping online, and sometimes the information I need isn't there. So, I also have to do some research on brands to find out whether I can eat their products anymore. And sometimes it's not quite as simple as people think. As a vegetarian, we can still consume dairy products, - make mine free range/organic, though - but some dairy-based products are not suitable for us veggies, after all. I've found a lot of ice-cream desserts such as Magnums, Viennetta and basically the whole Wall's range are not veggie-friendly. Oh, and you can imagine my disappointment when I found out that my favourite cider brand, Rekorderlig, is not veggie-friendly. I'm not a great fan of alcohol, but on the rare occasion I fancy something alcoholic, it's usually a fruit cider. But, there are other brands - some of which are vegan.

I was truly surprised that since eliminating meat from my diet, I've not been overly hungry; I thought I would feel constantly hungry, but I don't! I also rarely get that really full, sluggish feeling you often get after eating, say, a roast dinner. And best of all, my digestive system is much, much happier.

So, my vegetarian journey is going really well and I'm feeling really happy about my decision. Now I just need to nail a few veggie dishes and we'll be all set! Can you recommend some staple veggie dishes?


  1. Mm, I kind of miss being vegetarian, I was one for four years before I had to re-introduce meat back in for a while. I barely touch meat these days but I still miss calling myself a veggie! x

    1. Maybe something to reconsider? I definitely feel a lot better with this change in lifestyle choice. xxx


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