03 September 2015

August At A Glance + Monthly Favourites

Well, August was pretty uneventful, and it passed by in a flash! Last month saw one big lifestyle change for me; I turned vegetarian! I also had my first eating out experience as a veggie. We went to a local 15th century pub, The Bull Tavern in Sturminster Newton, with another couple for a catch up and our evening meal. I'd read on the website that every Sunday, they have a carvery which includes vegetarian options, so I was pretty certain it would be good. Their menu changes on a daily basis. There was only one vegetarian option for the starter and main course. The main just happened to be a huge mushroom dish - I hate mushrooms! Please tell me I'm not the only vegetarian that hates mushrooms? The starter, on the other hand, was baked brie with salad. I love cheese. So, while the others enjoyed their starters, I sat nursing my elderflower cordial, patiently waiting for them to finish up. Then for my main, I had the brie starter with a side of chips! It was really delicious, but it wasn't a great first experience, considering the vegetarian lifestyle choice is quite a popular one now. Also, the sticky toffee pudding tasted more like treacle and there was not nearly enough toffee sauce! So, although the pub itself was nice, I'd have to phone ahead in future to see if there were options to suit me, so it seems unlikely that we will return in the near future. Everyone else also enjoyed their meals!

We had our latest movie night which was Zombie Night. We gathered a few friends round for food and films, picking out Zombeavers and Wyrmwood. Zombeavers was terrible, and not really in that so-terrible-it's-good kind of way... Wyrmwood was more serious than expected and was pretty good, if unusual and strange!

We also went over to another couple's house for a catch up and a take-away meal. We watched Devil's Knot with them - we'd already seen the documentary about this and it's really interesting but also worrying how the police acted and ended up sending innocent teenagers to prison.

We also went to see Absolutely Anything with a couple of friends at the cinema. I'm a big fan of Simon Pegg, so was really looking forward to it. The best role, of course, was Dennis the dog, voiced by the late and great Robin Williams! I really enjoyed the film, even though I think they could've taken it a little further. Also suffered hair envy from the gorgeous Kate Beckinsale.

DVDs we watched last month included, The Theory Of Everything, which was extremely well done - Eddie Redmayne was amazing and portrayed the role of Stephen Hawking brilliantly and thoughtfully. Wild had been on our watch list for a while, and I have to say I really enjoyed the story! It was a very different role for Reese Witherspoon and she nailed it.
We also finished watching the latest season of Trollied which is really fun to watch, if a little overly silly at times!

My August's favourites are as follows:
This almond hand cream by Fair Squared smells gorgeous! Check out my full review here. I've also discovered a decaf coffee I love - Douwe Egberts Pure Decaff. It smells horrible while you're making it, but tastes lovely! I usually have mine with one small sugar and coconut milk, but I'm going to try and reduce/omit the sugar if possible. I've also been loving veggie burgers - they're my go-to saviour when I need something quick. I usually have mine in a bun with a side salad.
Oh, my pretty, Pretty Little Liars, how I shall miss you! I marathon watched it and got up-to-date last month. I loved it! I hear there will be a season set five years in the future? Exciting!

What did you get up to in August?


  1. Great post - the coffee sounds lovely! I enjoy adding honey instead of sugar to my tea and coffee- much more nutritious and tastes lovely :) x

    Rachel | Beauty and The Bird

    1. Thank you, Rachel! :) That's a great idea - I may try maple syrup too! xxx

  2. Fab post Em! Liked the more lifestyle/chatty feel to it, it was nice to hear about what you’ve been up to. I loved that you are really into watching films/DVDs. I saw The Theory of Everything at the cinema and was impressed. There’s a new film out with Eddie Redmayne which I quite fancy seeing. I want to watch Wild with Reese Witherspoon on DVD too! :-) xxx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you, Helen! I'm lucky that my husband is a real film buff, so he's great at picking out awesome films, and always knows about the up-coming ones to watch out for. Definitely recommend watching Wild! :) xxx


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