22 August 2015

When Life Springs A Leak

Earlier this week, I had a dream where I turned off a tap, only for water to come gushing out of every orifice of the washing machine! There were other components to my dream, just as strange and unsettling. I often like to google my dreams to interpret their meanings. I already knew what this "water leak" dream meant; there are emotions building up, ready to burst. And metaphorically speaking, I can tighten that tap as much as humanly possible, but it won't hold forever.

This is my current job situation: I hate it and I want to leave, but it's not that simple. I feel trapped because I have an enviable week on/week off rota and earn a decent hourly rate. But. I'm unhappy. It was only ever meant to be a "temporary" job. And here we are, five years on. During the last year or so, I've found that working seven consecutive nights is taking its toll on my health and well-being. My body, mind and soul are just not feeling it anymore!

When you say you are unhappy in your job, a lot of people just shrug it off, claiming that nobody is happy in their job, just deal with it. I disagree. I think we should all strive the find that dream job that we actually look forward to - something fulfilling and genuinely enjoyable. But I'm not quite sure I know what that job is, for me. Then again, perhaps we don't really know until we unexpectedly find ourselves in that place.

So, it is my aim to pursue my "dream job" and not give up on finding something better. I would love to just walk away from my current situation, but financially that is just not an option.

However, I do have a little side project in the very, very early stages, taking shape inside my head. I'm quite excited by it and hope you will be too - more on that soon...

Do you find happiness in your job?


  1. I can relate to all you say here! I'm also toying with a little project which I'd love to become reality! x

    1. I say go for it! I have lots of ideas and just think I will trial them all until I find something that feels right! xxx

  2. I was so unhappy in my job I walked out of it in April. It is not an easy decision and it has changed a few things in my future plans (house buying etc) which I am not happy about but I do not regret doing. Even though I was jobless for quite a while and now only in an ongoing temp job (again not ideal) but I am going to get there at some point. I am hoping it will be sooner rather than later:)) It is very hard and I know the feeling of being trapped in a situation you do not want to be in but have other people/things to consider in your decision making.
    Good luck and try look for that dream thing meanwhile and look at the positives of the current situation - not always easy I know ;)

    1. Thanks, Elli! I am definitely trying to focus on the positives, and just hoping that dream job is closer than I think. :) xxx


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