12 August 2015

The Weekly Wish List

1. Pintail Elderflower Champagne Tin Candle, £4.50 £3.60
I adore elderflower cordial and I bet I'd love this scented candle!
2. Tisserand Tea Tree Anti Blemish Roller Ball, £5.50/10ml
I'd love to try a new blemish treatment and I know tea tree is great for this purpose. With 100% natural ingredients, this handy roller ball should deep cleanse and soothe blemishes.
3. Ecoffee Widdle Birdy Travel Cup, £7.99 £6.79
This pretty travel cup would be perfect on the go, and best of all, it's made from organic bamboo fibre and is biodegradable!
4. H&M Biker Jacket, £29.99
I haven't got any transitional jackets and would love a faux leather option. This biker-style would be great!
5. Dorothy Perkins Mono Paisley Joggers, £24 £20.40
I really love light, loose trousers in the hot weather and these paisley print ones are gorgeous!

What's at the top of your wish list this week?


  1. I bet that candle smells amazing! x

    1. They have lots of lovely-sounding scents! :) xxx

  2. Those trousers look amazing! I love this loose style of trouser. The print looks fab too :-)

    1. Me too! Really tempted to get them. I seem to prefer the monochrome prints! xxx


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