01 August 2015

July At A Glance + Monthly Favourites

July wasn't a particularly busy month. We went to Bournemouth to go shopping, and we tried Bubble Tea (or coffee, rather) for the first time. We both went for the caramel latte and I had tapioca and coffee pearls. It tasted nice, and chewing on the pearls was unusual. I'm not sure if we'd have it again - not sure what all the fuss is about, to be honest! We also popped into Sprinkles Gelato, a gorgeous ice-cream parlor! I went for 1 scoop of Snickers and 1 scoop of Blue Banana - both were delicious! We would love to try the full dining experience next time and sit inside.
July also saw us celebrate my Father-in-law's 70th birthday, where we enjoyed a lovely meal at a local pub and surprised him with a chocolate birthday cake!

We had a few cinema trips; we saw Terminator: Genisys which was pretty good - I'm really glad Arnie was in it! Antman was a lot better than I thought it would be - I wasn't expecting much, but it had some good laughs and wasn't as cheesy as some of the other Marvel films. Inside Out was wonderful! We are huge Pixar fans, and this latest movie didn't disappoint. It was so imaginative and really funny - great for all audiences.

We watched quite a lot of films this month too; Saint Vincent was great and had some really funny moments. Song For Marion was a great watch and showed that life can go on after a great loss. We've been really into our horror films recently and watched Rec, which is a Spanish found-footage film, and I really loved it! We were so eager to continue the series, so also managed to watch Rec 2, which was good but didn't leave me as impressed as the first one did. I think there is also a third and fourth to watch. We re-watched The Woman In Black, in anticipation of watching the second one, The Woman In Black: Angel Of Death. We love the first film, but the second offering was just awful. We are also watching the Insidious films - we've watched the first and second film so far, which we really liked, and are looking forward to the third one, which we've not seen before. We watched What We Do In The Shadows which is a documentary-style film about vampires and gives a hilarious real-life take on the life of a vampire.

Onto July's favourites:
I have been enjoying using this Organic Surge Gardeners Hand Cream which I picked up in TK Maxx. It's great to keep in my handbag while I'm out or at work. Full review coming soon. I've also been enjoying drinking my favourite soft drink, elderflower cordial - my favourite is Bottlegreen's; it's such a refreshing and delicious drink. My fresh fruit intake has been really good this past month - I've been having mixed fruit every morning and trying to snack on it too. I finished season 3 of Orange Is The New Black and really enjoyed it - especially the final episode! Really eager to see how things play out in the next season. After both my sisters urging me to watch it, I'm officially hooked on Pretty Little Liars! I've just finished the first season (in less than a week), and am now onto the second!

What did you get up to in July?


  1. Love reading these posts from you Em :-) I also love that you're into PLL!! I' just about up to date with it now & it's fricken amazing!! It's so juicy, you've got loads to catch up on. Ha.

    1. Aww, thank you, Claire! I know, I love it! I love that I can binge watch it. :) xxx

  2. Love elderflower cordial (and wine!) x

    1. It's so good! Would love to try making my own. xxx


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