24 August 2015

Acorelle Vanilla Blossom Eau De Parfum

About the brand:
Acorelle is a French beauty brand, created in 2005. With aromatherapy at the centre of the brand, they have created a collection of products specifically designed to create a sense of harmony and balance throughout the cycles of life. Their focus is to tackle women's specific needs such as hair removal, anti-ageing, fragrances and baby products. They strive to use only the best natural, organic ingredients, obtaining them in an ethically responsible way.
Acorelle Vanilla Blossom Eau De Parfum, £30/50ml

In my quest to switch to completely natural beauty products, I recently bought my first natural perfume! I am a huge lover of vanilla as a scent, so this one instantly appealed to me (plus I got it with 50% off!). The perfume is housed in a domed glass bottle with a spray pump which distributes the product in a fine mist. Clear, simplistic white labelling with a silver finish completes the classic yet luxe look of the product. The outer boxed packaging is also really pretty and fully recyclable, as is the perfume bottle. Even the protective film that the perfume box came wrapped in is biodegradable!

This cruelty-free perfume is vegan-friendly, gluten-free and free from nasties such as parabens, phthalates, artificial musk and fragrances and synthetic chemicals. It uses 90% organic ingredients and is certified organic by EcoCert. It also has a pretty impressive shelf life of 36 months from opening.

Scents can be difficult to describe, plus they often smell differently to each individual wearer. This is how I would describe this gorgeous scent:
"A warm, subtly sweet vanilla scent with musky undertones which will work all year round, adding a sweetness in summer and a comforting warmth in winter!"

This is how Acorelle describes it:
"Acorelle Eau De Parfum Amber Vanilla is a 100% natural eau de parfum which is velvety and earthy all at the same time, with feminine top notes of mimosa flowers, distinctive heart notes of almond, patchouli, and vanilla, and base notes of Peruvian balsam. Amber Vanilla stands out from other fragrances of the same olfactory family. Recalling buttery caramel, powdery amaretto, and a faint hint of mossy woods, Amber Vanilla has both seductive and energising properties. This is a captivating, dynamic perfume, and is not to be missed."

I wouldn't describe this as a particularly strong perfume; it's not over-powering at all, and it gives just that lovely hint of fragrance, most noticeable to the actual wearer, as in, it doesn't waft around and fill a room with a lingering fragrance that almost chokes you! Honestly, I was at a cinema recently and the place was really full, yet only one perfume could be detected and it was so over-powering and off-putting.

The longevity will also differ for the individual wearer; I find that this perfume lasts up to approximately 8 hours on my skin. As it fades, it becomes a little sweeter and reminds me of cream soda - delicious! This perfume suits my personal taste extremely well.

Alcohol**, Centaurea Cyanus Water*, Perfum, Benzyl Alcohol, Benzyl Benzoate, Benzyl Cinnamate, Cinnamyl Alcohol.
* Ingredients from organic farming. ** Made using organic ingredients.

Have you tried any natural perfumes yet?

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