23 July 2015

Recent Empties

Inner Soul Organics Scandinavian Decadence Bath & Body Salt Scrub, £30/250g
A little while back, Inner Soul Organics were giving out free samples of this scrub on their website, and I managed to snap one up! When I first used the scrub, I loved the scent, but then it seemed to change and I really wasn't very keen on it! The texture is a little crumbly, and scent aside, this is a great salt scrub which exfoliates well and leaves you with soft, smooth skin.
Re-purchase? No.
7th Heaven (Montagne Jeunesse) Moisture Miracle Conditioning Hair Mask, £1
This hair mask had a gorgeous, chocolatey scent, thanks to the shea butter. It spread evenly and easily throughout my hair and I rinsed it out with cool water after 10-15 minutes. I used the clear serum on wet hair before styling, distributing evenly through the ends of my hair. Once I had blow-dried my hair, I was really impressed by how soft and smooth it was! It also looked glossier. I don't think the serum did much for me, and it left some strands of hair on the underside of my hair clumped together with product which looked greasy.
Re-purchase? Yes.
7th Heaven (Montagne Jeunesse) Shine Control Mask, £1.49
This mud mask with Argan oil and crushed acai berries worked brilliantly for me. It is really thick and easy to spread a decent layer on your skin, and it has a pleasant scent. I left it on for as long as possible and let it dry up. I removed it with a hot flannel and was instantly impressed; my pores were clearer and visibly reduced all over my face, and it didn't irritate my sensitive skin. I finished with applying the accompanying face cream which did help reduce shine a little and felt moisturising without being too heavy, although I wasn't too keen on the scent of the cream.
Re-purchase? Yes.
Faith In Nature Chocolate Shower Gel & Foam Bath, £5.60/400ml
With organic cocoa, this chocolatey shower gel foams up nicely and leaves skin soft, clean and smelling sweet!
Re-purchase? Yes.

Have you used any of these products?


  1. I was actually gifted with the same hair mask you've just used up. I feel like now i've chopped my hair it needs to be so much bouncier - I can't wait to try it :-)

    1. I'm sure you will love it, Claire! And the glossiness should be more apparent on your hair colour, too. :) xxx

  2. I love sound of the hair mask, I've tried their face masks before and really liked them so will definitely look out for this!

    1. I was really impressed with it and it's such good value for money, too. I'm currently testing out a new shampoo which gives the same results as this mask, which I will be writing about soon! :) xxx


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